Students' Testimonials


 Love letters from our PRINA.gals are what that makes everything worth while! 
 Read what our students have to say about PinkRoom, our trainers, courses, workshops and their experiences here! 

Working Professionals
Salon owners providing beauty or hair services are adding an extra service to their current menu. The school allows them to be equipped with technical knowledge and skills to handle a team of manicurist. Professionals working in beauty/ makeup/ hair salons studies nails as an additional skill. They tend to provide home services or freelance contract services to bridal studios or beauty salons.

International Students (Japan/Malaysia/Indonesia/Vietnam/China/Thailand,etc)
Student who travels to Singapore to study with us usually knows about our quality & international standards from their friends or family. A majority returns back to their country to sit for their nailist license or start their own salons. Pink Room also welcome Overseas Groups to attend classes in our school!


Students' Testimonial
Hand written testimonials by PinkRoom Students after they completed their Professional Courses with us. Many students continue to attend Advance and Nailart Workshops by our school. Some join us on Overseas trips for Nail Competitions. There is no end-date on your relationship with the school or the sweet class-memories. Every PRINA-gals are encouraged to join in any of our activities even after you complete you course! 

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*Photo credits to all our Kawaii PRINA.gals 

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