Sunday, October 22, 2017

PRINA Exam : October 2017

In a previous post, we had written about our super-fun Graduation Ceremony! We thought you'd like to know what happened during our PRINA Examination Day. With detailed teaching and all the practice hours put in, the students were well-prepared!

All the students and their models gather in the main foyer for registration. All the manicurists will then start to prepare their trays. We're sure this will remind a lot of you of your exam days back in school as well, yes?

Manicurists were preparing for registration and getting themselves ready before the exam hall is open.   

Inside the room, anticipation builds as the manicurists are briefed by Principal Rachel on the instructions and the exam topic.

The practical exam commences! *Bites nails - ok not actually because why would we be biting our manicured nails but you get the picture* 

Manicurists were be tested on Manicure and Nail Extensions on this day... 
Voila!! Once nails have been done, the marking process will commence with the models. Look at the intense focus! The nails were checked by our Principal Rachel, and Master Educator Joe.

Manicurists also go through their theory exam after the practical, so it was a long day indeed for everyone!


We'd like to thank our students for their hard work. We were happy to see the talent and progress everyone was making. All the students have shown dedication and passion to their art and we hope to see more beautiful work from them in future!