Monday, August 31, 2015

Enjoy $100 off Professional Nail Courses

Limited to the first 50! Slots are filling up fast!
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Saturday, August 29, 2015

New Intake for SEPTEMBER

Aren't you astounded by the nail arts we produce? Join us on an amazing journey of transformation led by our dedicated team! 

We are 2 mins away from Tanjong Pagar mrt, but always only a ring in reach! 
Call us at +65 6220 1592!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Sharing experience with budding nailists

We are charmed by our principal iamracheltang, as she shares her 
experience with our budding nailists!

Amazing 3D nail art by our trainer!

Check out our trainer's work of art!Always learn from the best and be the best!
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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Congratulations to PRINAgal @thebunnychase

And Yay! Another round of congratulations to another one of our beloved PRINAgal @thebunnychase, for bagging home THREE categories of the PinkRoom Cup competition!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Corporate workshop for the Singapore Association of Administration Professionals (SAAP)

#throwback to when we had a corporate workshop for the Singapore Association of Administration Professionals (SAAP)....
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Open House 2015

Our Open House was a success! Our Principal, iamracheltang shared much of her experiences and expertise tips, with our...
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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Enjoy $100 off Professional Nail Courses

Yes the offer is still up for grabs!!Claim it now!
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‎Repost‬ from our PRINAgal @thenailartasaurus

With our mission to ensure and warrant our students with a strong set of foundation in nail skills & nail techniques, to rise up to industry standards regardless of products used. We too are glad that you have made improvements with every practice!

Monday, August 24, 2015

"Bubble-in-the-nail" nail art

We just can't get enough of the "Bubble-in-the-nail" nail art!Reposting one of our beloved student @Keshika's artwork...
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LIVE UPDATE: Open House in-progress now

LIVE UPDATE: Open House in-progress nowOur principal iamracheltang is sharing her experiences! And we are loving every moment of it!
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Friday, August 21, 2015

Behind the Scenes: SG50 N.A.I.L.S Festival

Events require a lot of time, perspiration, and sometimes, you even have to be prepared for a few rounds of heart attack. Ever wonder what happened before the actual happening of the event?

Shh…. Here are some secret insights to share!

Our usually spotless office was packed with piles of cardboard boxes overnight!!
I guess, we should have taken up some salsa dance steps to make our way in and out of the office easier.
Yes, and then there was an endless amount of packing to be done.

Of course, we also made multiple visits to the site before we finally confirmed the venue!

And also endless amounts of meetings....

A final rehearsal 4 days before the event!

Check out our goodie bag items!
Those who R.S.V.P would definitely have received this full list of items!

We had much fun preparing for the event, although Hope you guys enjoyed yourselves at the SG50 N.A.I.L.S Festival! If you missed out this time round, don’t miss the chance to meet our “powderful” and wonderful team that will help you embark on a transformational journey in the nail industry, on 24th August 2015, 7pm.

See You here!!
24th August 2015 | 7.00pm
The PinkRoom International Nail Academy
10 Anson Road, International Plaza #06-18, Singapore 079903

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Catch us in the latest edition of Nail Max

Catch us in the latest edition of Nail Max! 
Featuring our school in a Nail seminar at ErikoNail School in Japan! 

Kudos to all participants of the Erikocup 2015! 
Here’s to more challenges in the near future! 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Behind-the-scenes: Certificate Exam in January 2015

Here's a behind-the-scenes sneak peek of what went on during our Certificate Exam in January 2015! Do tag yourselves and your classmates!
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SG50 N.A.I.L.S Festival

It's 6.45am, and we are setting up the event hall!

Lighting? Check! Audio System? Check! Visuals? Check!
Yay! We are READY~!

At about 9.00am sharp, our PinkRoom Cup 2015 participants are already queuing up under the hot sun!

Registration starts, and they start entering the hall.
**Shout: Aircon~~**

Prepping their manicure stations, and waiting for the announcement to mark the commencement of the first category of competition!

Ms Rachel Tang, founder and representative of Nailist Association for International Licenses Singapore is welcomed on stage for her opening speech to mark the official start of the event.

And the floor is flooded with a sea of pink, officiating this year's PinkRoom Cup 2015

First up, is performance by Clarice & The Jive Collection! It was a soothing yet exhilarating experience as their music starts filling our soul, and calming the hearts of the competitors! It's filling up with so much fizz, it felt like i was flying~~

Time's up for the first category of competition! And it is time for judging! Ms Eriko Kurosaki & Ms Miyuki Kaneko (representative from JNA), are one of our judges for this year’s PinkRoom Cup 2015! Such an honourable experience!

While the judging continues, we have activities up on stage to continue keeping the audiences entertained...

After a second round of performance by Clarice & The Jive Collective...
Is stage time for vanitee: Our Social Media partner for this event

Next up! We have performance by Benjamin & JR! This electric duo really adds a mesmerizing touch to our event.

Followed by a hair show and demo by Soteria Hair Studio! The crowed went WILD when the model removed his shirt for a final catwalk (even the competitor's eyes were fixed on them..Shh.. don't let them know i told you..)

Our next performance is an Acapella group from Peirce Secondary!
They have participated in the annual B-dazzled show choir competition and achieved the platinum award twice with their school choir. They have also been awarded silver in SYF. They have prepared 3 mash ups of recent songs and their own version of ‘HOME”.

Next! A gelly polish demo by Qttie. A 1-step gelly polish and lifestyle product!
They are our sponsor for the gelly polish used at our charity booths!
Photo credits to The Nail Status

And definitely! We had games at the floor, sponsored by pH Balancer, the official hydration for SG50 N.A.I.L.S Festival! And another round of games sponsored by Taiwan Beer, bringing an additional pinch of sweetness to our event!

Followed by the long awaiting lucky draw!
(Sponsored by Killiney International, Soteria Hair Studio, and Vanitee)


We also have to thank Momentography, for their generous sponsor of the photobooth!

And meet the wonderful team of people from Killiney International that brews your amazing cup of coffee!

Now, finally a breather for Ms Eriko & Ms Rachel from judging the PinkRoom Cup, we invited them up on stage for a nail demo, LIVE!

Really an eye opener, and a once in a lifetime opportunity to get so up close with these ladies whom have won world championships!
It's no wonder the stage was filled with crowd in the split of a second!

And now, its time for the mixed media total look competition category!
Competitors are required to come up on stage, and assemble their full gear of props with fantastic fantasy nails to further wow the crowd. See if you can catch their jittery hands in action~

Check out the amount of props they brought, and the amount of hard work & effort they had to put in for today.
Photo credits to The Nail Status

Today's the final delivery that will determine the winner! Don't play play~
Photo credits to The Nail Status

Time's up! It's time for the judges to head up on stage for a final round of judging!
Followed by a finale catwalk to mark the completion of all competition categories.

And personally, my favourite part! 
(All the token exchange, cake cutting, prize giving, and graduation of Pink Room's students)!

A token exchange ceremony between Ms Eriko & Ms Rachel that denotes Part II of PinkRoom and ErikoNails collaboration, as they had also previously exchanged a token in Japan during the ErikoCup 2015 in March.

And also another round of token exchange by N.A.I.L.S and JNA.

And a cake to celebrate our nation's birthday, while also commemorating JNA's 30th Anniversary! All our VIPs were invited on stage as we mark towards the end of the SG50 N.A.I.L.S Festival event, to pop the champagne and host a cake cutting ceremony by Ms Miyuki Kaneko (Representative from JNA) & Ms Rachel Tang (Representative from N.A.I.L.S).

Next! A token of appreciation for our judges to thank them for their hardwork and time taken to attend this event.

Finally the last round of token exchange ceremony by TAT Japan, TAT Singapore, TAT Indonesia, and TAT Japan!

And the consolidation of competition marks are complete!
Congratulations to all competitors, you are all winners!
Especially our PinkRoom Cup Grand Champion Winners!

Before the SG50 N.A.I.L.S Festival officially ends, we had a graduation ceremony for all PinkRoom's graduating students too!

YAY it ended with a big bang! And the event was a success!
Another round of applause to the judges to thank them for the hard work and eye power! Imagine the amount of attention span and focus you have to spend on each individual  nails, to look beyond the intricate nail designs each participant painstaking delivered. It might have looked easy, but we have more than 160 participants and nail models, and almost 11 rounds of judging!

And kudos to the team, our volunteers, students, and all individuals out there who helped make this event a successful one! We couldn't have done it without you!