Monday, March 16, 2015

St Patrick's Day Singapore

Green beer, green food, green clothes. Is there more to Saint Patrick’s Day?

In cities all over the world, from Dublin to Sydney to Tokyo, people flock to the streets to celebrate all things Irish and to indulge in parades, beer, and the color green. In fact, some of a child’s earliest memories might even be getting pinched for failing to wear green on March 17—known across the globe as Saint Patrick’s Day.

This day was originally celebrated only in Ireland and was considered a more somber day of remembrance of Saint Patrick than its modern incarnation.

Currently, Saint Patrick’s Day is one of the most celebrated days throughout the world. While the original parades in New York, Chicago, and Montreal are still going strong, there has been a marked increase in many non-Irish-influenced countries celebrating good ole Saint Patrick. In 1992, for example, Tokyo held its first Saint Patrick’s Day parade and has continued to do so every year since.

St Patrick's Day Street Festival in Singapore
Although it is still a feast day to commemorate Saint Patrick and his successful efforts to bring Christianity to Ireland, Saint Patrick’s Day has become much more than just that. It connects all people of Irish decent with their roots in celebration of a culture that has done much for the entire world. The day has been cause for much revelry between both those who are ethnically Irish and those who are not. 

While Chicago river is dyed green for St Patrick's Day celebrations, at PinkRoom, we share nail art in shades of GREEN!

As the saying goes, on Saint Patrick’s Day, 
everyone is Irish.
Sláinte! To Health!


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