Thursday, September 25, 2014

PinkRoom Graduation Ceremony - Part l & ll

As a school, the most satisfying day of the year for us is undoubtedly the Graduation Ceremony. It’s a time when everyone - teachers, staff and students - celebrate the culmination of months of lectures, tutorials and practicals, and the beginning of our student’s journey into the nail industry.

While we do offer shorter courses and workshops, Pink Room is known best for our Diploma course. Pink Room is currently the only nail-only school to be registered with Singapore MOE’s Council for Private Education (CPE) to provide the Diploma in Nail Technology course, the highest level of nail certification in Singapore. The Diploma certificate that we give out is on par with other private schools such as MDIS, Kaplan and SIM, and can be articulated to various Bachelor programmes. 

We highly recommend this course to all aspiring nailists as it covers all aspects of professional nail services, including natural nail care, acrylic/gel extensions and mixed media art, and is an excellent foundation for advanced license or trainer certifications. Our courses are also recognized by several International nail associations, including the Japan Nail Association and Korea Nail Expert Association, among others.

Almost 80% of our students do not have a background in nails and most come to us wanting to take that first step towards a career in the nail industry. And judging from the number of graduates we churn out every year, we’re proud to say that Pink Room has successfully transformed many students with zero nail knowledge to competent nailists and accomplished salon owners. Having the right knowledge and skills from the start is very important, and Pink Room’s detailed syllabus and challenging examinations ensures that all our students are able to fully grasp the skills before being able to progress.

Part l Graduation Ceremony 15.09.14
Part ll Graduation Ceremony 20.09.14
And this is probably why all of us here look forward to Graduation Day (probably more than the students!) every year - we see the students come in all wide-eyed on their first day of class and fast forward a few months, now we’re ready to watch them spread their wings and fly! And this year, we had not just one…but TWO Graduation Ceremonies to look forward to. Woo hoo! =)

So last Monday, on 15th September, we celebrated the Graduation Ceremony of close to 120 over graduates - the largest turnout ever! Our classrooms and halls were packed full with our graduates, who turned up together with their family and friends. From as early as 6pm, people were streaming in, registering to collect their attendance certificates, signing our guestbook, playing with our DIY iPad Photo Booth and helping themselves to our sumptuous catered buffet…all while catching up with classmates they hadn’t seen in months!

Rachel cutting the graduation cake alongside with Master Educator Joe & Senior Trainer Nicole

Rachel started off with a quick welcome speech and we proceeded to cut the custom-designed Pink Room cake. Well, i know it’s a bit weird to be cutting the cake before the certificates were given out, but we heard some graduates had to leave early to go back to their families and kids. The cake was in celebration for ALL our graduates, and we didn’t want anyone to miss out, so that became the first order of the night!


A photo with the Birthday girl who celebrated her birthday at the ceremony too~
Then finally, we proceeded to the actual ceremony. One by one, all the graduate’s names were called out as they came to the front to shake Rachel’s hand, collect their certificates and take a photo. The sight of all our grinning graduates making their way to the front, surrounded by the claps and cheers of their classmates and family/friends, was indeed enough to make us beam like proud mama bears!

By 9pm, we had given out all the Certificate of Completions for the Diploma course, the Professional Manicurist Certificates and lastly, the Diploma Certificates together with a cute little ‘Graduation’ teddy bear. Group photos were taken and hugs were all around - the evening was a huge success and we’re glad everyone had fun!

Students with their Certificates

PRINA gals having fun at the photo booth with Rachel

Master educator Joe with one of our graduates' child

And on Saturday 20th September, we had a smaller, more intimate tea-time ceremony with 40 over graduates. As it was a weekend, more family and friends of our graduates were able to join us. Some even brought along their children, the cutest kids you’ve ever seen… and all our other graduates spent most of the after-party swooning over the kids, taking turns to take pictures with them. Even our Master Educator Joe couldn’t resist getting a photo with the little celebrities!

Congratulations again to all our graduates! Everyone here at Pink Room is super proud of you and believe each of you will carry on to do many great things! Just remember - once a PRINA gal, always a PRINA gal! You may have graduated but you’re part of the family now, so don’t be a stranger and come back to say hi if you’re ever in the area!

And for those of you reading who are inspired by our graduates to enter the nail industry, give us a ring at 6348 1592 or email, and we’ll be happy to share more about our courses with you! 

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