Sunday, September 21, 2014

Fann Wong's Sis - PinkRoom Grad SoQ Nails featured on 8Days~

Magazine cover credits to 8days.

Featured on 8 DAYS magazine is Fann Wong's sister, Pink Room's graduate Fan Wenqing. Wenqing surprised our Principal Rachel Tang with her 2 page spread. The cat is out of the bag now as the PinkRoom team were hush-hush about Wenqing's "identity" during her course of study with us.

So happy to see Wenqing's achievements today~ And we are prouder cause she had achieved what she has today through sheer hard work~ and not riding on her sister's fame. She was determined to make it on her own... and she did!

Wenqing graduated from PinkRoom in 2011~ and is currently doing manicures in her home-based salon, SoQ Nails (@soqnails) 

So much memories with Wenqing~ She was a cheerful student during classes... Below are photos taken during the PinkRoom Cup 2013 nail competition. Wenqing took part and won many prizes! 

Wenqing's entire family & friends turned up as ardent supporters in their customized t-shirts & plaques to cheer her on. We even managed a raw glimpse of her famous sister & family, who were there to support her during the prize giving ceremony... Wenqing's supporters cheered the loudest every time her name was announced!


With our Principal Rachel Tang. Rachel continues keeping contact with our graduates even after they complete their the Diploma course~ providing mentorship and advices to guide each graduate towards their success.


With her Master Educator Joe Chua

PinkRoom Cup judges from Russia~

Our Principal Rachel Tang together with Wenqing & Cynthia of Cynful nails
also one of our proud graduates. 

BFFs sharing the joy!! Wenqing was inspired by Cynthia to take the plunge and start her career in nails. Cynthia had helped her along throughout her nail journey, and selflessly shared her tips and advice. Even helping her during the preparation of the PinkRoom Cup competition. 

Get your nails done by Cynthia at

Wenqing has worked hard during her times at Pink Room, as seen in the above pictures with her achievements. Her efforts had paid off when she won the Pink Room Cup Competition and came in FIRST for many categories.

These are some of Wenqing's nail art for the PinkRoom Cup 2013. Her Leonardo Da Vinci's "The Last Supper" was her achievement in which came in first in the Pink Room Cup Competition. 


Ending the post with a cute pix of Wenqing taken on our school overseas trip to Hong Kong back in 2011~ 

What are you waiting for? Contact SoQNails today to get your nails pampered... though she might be fully booked (as usual).

Instagram: @SoQNails
Read about Wenqing's journey with PinkRoom here: 

Photo credits to Wenqing's Instagram

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