Saturday, August 23, 2014

PRINA Cerificate Examination Aug '14

At Pink Room, we comply to a high standard of nail education and students are required to attain a minimum mark of 80% in order to pass the examination and obtain the Professional Certificate. This is to ensure that students are well prepared and have acquired the confidence, skills and knowledge to handle work in the nail industry.

The school takes the examinations seriously and students will have to fare well in both the practical and theory exams. Examinations are definitely important as it is a form of gauge to see what students can achieve. 

Registration started first and models would have to get their nails checked by our educators to make sure nails are disease free and are ready for the practical examination. Students then gather to prepare and get ready all the items needed for the exams.  

Silence is observed throughout the classroom when the examination starts except for the sound of nail files and tools.  Students will go through the same procedures as past examinations, undergoing a practical exam and next a theory exam. Principal Rachel Tang and Senior Educator Nicole would invigilate the examinations, observing the students and their work. 

After the given time is up for the practical examination, models' nails would be accessed while the students would go prepare for the theory examination that was up next. Theory examinations are as important as it students need to be knowledgeable about nails should they encounter any special circumstances in their future work. By the looks on their faces you will know PRINA girls sure are serious about their examinations! 

A picture with Master Educator Joe who have taught some of these girls in classes! Smiles were everywhere after the examinations ended and they were confident that they had fared well during the process. The long hours of practice and hard work will pay off girls! And lastly, a group shot of everyone with the Rachel, Joe and Nicole. 

That marks the end of the examinations! PRINA gals are always welcome to drop by Pink room for self-practices, updates and to visit their teachers :)

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