Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Charity Manicure Event Appreciation Night

It’s been about a month since our charity mass manicure event at Suntec City, and everyone at the office is still reeling from all the excitement and love from the event. We just couldn’t stop reminiscing on the activities and everyone agreed that we couldn’t have pulled off the event without our dear graduates. Sooooo, with immense gratitude in our hearts, we decided to plan an ‘Appreciation Night’ to thank our volunteers and sponsors for their support.

If you haven’t already guessed, ‘PINK’ was the theme of the night and everyone came dressed to the nines in all shades of blushing and hot pink! We set up a cute little #SELFIE/#WEFIE DIY Photo Booth, with all sorts of fun props and a glittery backdrop.


#Selfie stick doing what it does best!!~~ Principal Rachel here with a group of students...

 There was a big candy buffet of pink decor and goodies - from frosted cupcakes and Hello kitty marshmallows to strawberry wafers and candy, and even a ‘pink’ fruit punch! The kind sponsors from D’cake also sponsored a whole variety of Nonya Kueh, Pezzo Pizza sponsored the largest, yummiest pizza’s ever and the customized cupcakes from Midnight Glacé! My mouth’s watering just thinking about it! =)


Hello Master Educator Joe!!~~

The night started off with our principal, Rachel, extending her heartfelt thanks to the graduates. Rachel shared that she was happy that so many of the girls volunteered to take part in this! Many even took leave from work just to be part of the the Charity Manicure Event on the 11th June 2014.

Followed by a short presentation by Justina, a representative from our beneficiary World Vision. Justina, and her boss Fiona, were indeed instrumental in helping to get this project off the ground despite all the regular red tape surrounding charity events, and we can’t thank them enough. It was great that she was able to take time off to be at our party to celebrate with us, as well as to show a short video on World Vision, and explain a bit on where the funds donated will be going to. 

And Top Brands for organising this event and being with us every step of the way during the preparations. The Charity Manicure event would not have been so successful if not for your team!

After this, we surprised all our guests with a video recap of the charity manicure event and of course the graduates were the stars of the show! Smiles and laughter were all around when familiar faces showed up on screen and the biggest applause came from when footage of our dear Master Educator Joe appeared on screen - that definitely made him blush a little! Most of the manicurists were busy serving customers during the event, so this video allowed them to have a good idea on what was going on around them!

Finally, the moment everyone was waiting for - we gave out Certificates of Appreciation to all the graduates present, one by one, with Rachel taking the time to shake everyone’s hands and and thank them personally.

Rachel even took the time to sign each and every one of the Certificate to show her and PinkRoom's appreciation to all who had participated in the event.

The night ended with Rachel giving an exclusive nail art seminar to the lucky graduates, based on the latest nail art trends as seen in her last trip (just 1 week ago!) to Japan! Summer is here, so the sun, sand and sea are in season - Rachel was able to expertly recreate the summer theme by painting freehand on the nail tip, using Angel Pro Gelly Polish

The room was quietest at this point, and you can see the look of concentration on everyone’s face as they tried to absorb as much as possible. Some graduates even commented that they had seen this design in nail magazines often, but were never able to create the same effect - having a good teacher really does make everything look easier

Pink Room has many collaborations and partnerships within the nail industry internationally, and this means that Rachel spends a lot of time travelling for meetings and updating herself on the latest trends around the world…and when she’s back, she’s more than happy to share this with our graduates and students! Given the great response from this seminar, students and graduates can definitely look forward to more in future

All in all, everyone had a great girie night out at Pink Room! We want to thank all our graduates again for their help and support, and we can’t wait to start planning our next charity event! =)

Friday, July 4, 2014


10 JULY 2014 (THURS) - 8 AUGUST 2014 (FRI)
报名截止日期:7102014 [星期六
申込締切日201488 [土曜日]

Head down to Pink Room, located at International Plaza #06-18 for registration.
For enquiries, please contact +65 6348 1592.

试报名地点Pink Room @ 凯联大厦 [丹戎巴葛]
申込場所: 10 アンソン ロード, 06-18, インターナショナル プラザ
S(079903) シンガポール

*NOTE: Please bring along your student ID & self study card to register for your Examination.


Please call +65 6348 1592
Email: courseconsultant@the-pinkroom.com

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