Thursday, June 26, 2014

Angel Pro Gelly-Art Manicure class coming up~

Learn more about the Angel Pro Gelly Polish, it's characteristics, abilities and more! The Angel Pro Gelly Polish can be used for gel manicure, & to draw exciting nail art. Explore the many different possibilities with proper skill & knowledge!

Next class coming up on 5th of JULY 2014

Visit AngelPro Authorized Edu-centre The PinkRoom Int'l Nail Academy to register.

To find out more, please call +65 62201592.

For photos from past classes: 


Sunday, June 22, 2014

Highlights of Pink Your Nails, Color Their World charity manicure event

Even before students start streaming in for classes, the Pink Room Team are already at work and this is usually the case. The usual cycle~ But last week really put us in a whirl as Pink Room rise up to organize our first charity manicuring event with over 70 PinkRoom students & graduates coming together to provide gel manicure for a good cause! 100% of the proceeds going towards improving lives of Street Children in developing countries, such as Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam.

Here's some highlights of what happened:

Pink Room's student/graduates hard at work, donning the iconic hot Fuchsia T-Shirt that was specially made for our event. Pink Room has always been marked by our own classic hot pink as it's the right color that clearly translate a girly fandom of nails, manicures and really feminine nail charms and stickers! 
The Classic red was the most preferred among all the other colors as it matches well with our fair Asian skin tone. 
Munch Time!! Huge Thanks to our sponsor for providing yummy Taiwanese cuisine for our girls. But first, let us take a #welfie.
Our Principal Rachel Tang had managed to talked to the organisers for the special event that happened on the 11th of June. The organizers were so supportive of the event. They event provided tables and chairs just for that day!

With so many of our students/graduates gathered together in one place, how can we not take another #wefie?! Hahas.
Group shot with the Handsum Master Educator Joe and Dolled Up Principal Rachel. 
To much surprise, we got quite a few request from little girls to paint their nails! It was pretty adorable and amusing but then, vanity is not limited by age ;) 

1Q32 gel polish does not require harming chemicals, making it safe to use on kids!
Our customer's customized gel art at the booth~ The big heart customer wanted to donate a larger amount, and our team customized her nail art for her. 

Master Educator Joe Chua getting his nails trimmed by our mini nailist while contemplating if he should pass his skills over to him... Such a cutie pie!!
#prointhemaking #lol 

Our PinkRoom students and graduates had been very supportive, they even came down with food and drinks~ worrying that the Team would be too busy that they didn't have time to fill their tummies. It's heartwarming to see that they are so supportive! #muchlove

It was indeed an interesting experience and one that we'll never forget. With the success of this event, we hope to be able to have more of such charity manicure event! Our Principal Rachel Tang believes that as professional nailists, we can do good for the society with the skills we have. Changing lives, one manicure at a time!

For more photos~ check out #pinkyournails hashtag on Instagram and Facebook!

*Photos credited to our super loving and supportive PRINAgals!!*

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thank you for Pink-ing your nails with PinkRoom

It’s been an extremely exciting couple of months for everyone here at Pink Room! After countless hours of planning, meetings, lots of coffee and sleepless nights, the day of our FIRST-EVER charity mass manicure event finally arrived yesterday!

Held in conjunction with Top Brands Asia 2014, where Pink Room also had a booth, we presented “PINK YOUR NAILS, COLOR THEIR WORLD”, a manicure event that saw more than SEVENTY talented graduates from Pink Room come together for the first time ever to provide Instant Gel Manicure services all at the same time for a good cause. ANDDD…the best part is 100% of the proceeds from the event will be donated to World Vision to provide rehabilitation, education and support for the at-risk street children in developing countries such as Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand, a cause especially selected by our principal, Rachel Tang.

There was so much buzz and energy in the hall yesterday, as everyone - Pink Room staff, students and graduates, as well as World Vision volunteers - put in their best efforts to make sure the event was executed as smoothly as possible. Of course, as with every event, there were unexpected complications like when we realised some power points and LED lamps were not working, but everyone took the hiccups in their stride and worked together to find a solution! Positive vibes were all around - everyone ended the day feeling blessed and left the hall with a little skip in our step! =)

We would just like to say a big THANK YOU to all our even bigger-hearted students and graduates for all their hard work and efforts! We’re also extremely grateful to all our magnaminous sponsors, including 1Q32 who sponsored the gel polish and TAT who sponsored the charming nail stickers, for their generous support. This event would not have been possible without their contributions, and we definitely look forward to collaborating with them for even more charitable events in future!!


Anyway, no rest for the weary yet! While our main event is over (phew!), we’re still here manning our cozy not-so-little booth for another 4 days and will only wrap up on Monday, 16th June. We’re offering lots of discounts on nail products and accessories and promotions on nail courses for these few days only, and if you’re lucky, you’ll even get to see our Master Educator Joe in action! You’ll be amazed at the crowd he managed to attract while doing a demonstration yesterday!

A couple of our graduates will also be stationed at the booth giving Instant Gel Manicures for charity as well! Our event yesterday was such a hit that some of our graduates offered their services for the next few days too!! So if you missed our main event, you’re more than welcome to come by over the next few days to get your nails done and contribute to a good cause at the same time.

We’re located at Suntec Exhibition Hall 403, Booth Number C19, 
and we’ll be here from 12pm to 8.30pm. 

Hope to see you here!!
Join us in making the world a better place…one manicure at a time!


Saturday, June 7, 2014

Manicures for a Good Cause - Pink Your Nails, Color Their World

Pink Room is well-known for our foundational nail courses that are of tertiary standards and are academically registered with Ministry of Education's Council for Private Education, but this coming week, Pink Room is giving back to the society in a way that we only know best ;)

It is manicures for a good cause.

The Pink Room team will be located at Suntec City Hall 403 Level 4 C19 from 10 June - 16 June, 10am - 10pm, during Top Brand Asia 2014 event - a 7day expo show - providing manicures and giving all proceeds to the World Vision. Ms. Rachel Tang, Founder and Chief Educator of Pink Room, feels very deeply for the goals of World Vision, and that is to Transform A Community by Sponsor(ing) A Child.

Each year, millions of girls and boys are exploited – they are raped, forced into early marriage, enslaved in the global sex trade or used for bonded labor. These children also often live on the streets of urban areas – there are no adults in their lives who offer them protection. They need our help!

Take some time off your busy schedules this Wednesday, 11th June to come and support “PINK YOUR NAILS, COLOR THEIR WORLD”, a charity manicure event organised by Pink Room in aid of World Vision and its Children in Crisis Centres, an initiative set up to protect these vulnerable children by ensuring that they receive the basic needs of life.

This unique mass event will see FIFTY of Pink Room’s talented graduates come together for the first time ever to provide Instant Gel Manicure services at a discounted rate of S$24 only (Usual Price: S$48), with 100% of proceeds donated to World Vision. 

Here are Pink Room, we strongly believe that we can make the world a better place…one manicure at a time! Come and support us!

With huge thanks to these sponsors:

Preparations are underway and almost all of our warm graduates have came forward to volunteer. Pink Room has also contacted the local World Vision organization and all that is lacking is YOUR participation. To indicate your interest, please click on this link:

Looking forward to a meaningful week ahead <3