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The Pink Room International Nail Academy has been a haven for female nail enthusiasts for over 10 years. A common topic that surrounds this feminine community is the stubborn layer of cellulite that seems to have accumulated in our body over time. While we enjoy spending hours expressing our creativity on nails, we are also seated and hunched over for very long periods, attending to our customers. It is a common problem not only among manicurists, but also working females with desk-bound jobs.

To help us tackle this issue, we approached the experts at Slimming 101, a sister company of Beijing 101, to ask if there is hope for women like us, and their response – Signature Meridian Therapy!

High Tech meets Grade Premium Botanical Ingredients

Despite countless slimming methods on the market, Slimming 101 insists on using only high-grade premium botanical ingredients, such as cinnamon, rosemary, white thyme and many more, with high-tech slimming machines to achieve healthy slimming naturally. Cinnamon leaves help dissolve cellulite by dilating capillary vessels; rosemary activates lymphatic nodes to enhance drainage and blood circulation; while white thyme acts as a tonic with anti-inflammatory properties. Only premium extracts are taken from these herbs under the most stringent of laboratory conditions, and they are used after careful evaluation of the client’s body and health. We can now lose excess weight in safe, painless and effective ways!

Slimming 101 Signature Meridian Therapy

So here’s the lowdown- there are two main components to the Signature Meridian Therapy. They are:

1. The Meridian Marine Therapy
  • An all-natural body scrub using Marine Sea Salt.
  • The body scrub works to remove dead skin cells which helps to create an even and radiant skin tone. 

2. Acupressure body massage using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) principles
  • Stimulation of acupressure points using various techniques to clear blockage and balance flow of qi and blood.
  • Effectively breaks down stubborn fats and increases drainage for lymphatic nodes.
  • Promotes metabolism rate, reduces size of actual fat chamber and significantly improved body contours. 

Other Benefits of the Signature Meridian Therapy include:
  • Regulation of body hormones and improves immune system
  •   Boosts kidney functions
  •  Protects stomach and gastric
  • Reduces water retention
  •  Improves bowel movements

So it does seems like there is hope for us all! Visit Slimming 101 now for a personalized TCM consultation to understand your body conditions. Afterwhich, a slimming treatment will be customized according to the individual’s weight and fat problem. Slimming 101 targets various weight problems such as water retention, post-natal weight gain, and hereditary weight problems, as well as specific spot problems like thunder thighs, flabby arms, belly fats, cellulite, saggy skin and heavy bottom.

Slimming 101 Slim 9 Challenge

Losing weight requires plenty of self discipline and determination, and sometimes, a little incentive can work wonders in motivating ladies to achieve their weight goals.

Now in its second year, Slimming 101 will be running its ‘Slim9 Challenge’ in which contestants will undergo the 101 Meridian SlimTec program and be rewarded for every kilogram lost!

Still unsure of how effective the treatment is? Take it from Ms. Amber Loi, a 35-year-old Accounts Executive who won the Slim9 Challenge last year by losing a whopping 8kg in 2 months. She quips,  “Working ladies don’t usually have the luxury of the time to exercise. Most times, they make do with quick and easy meals such as fast foods leading to various health and weight problems. Joining Slimming 101’s Slim9 Challenge has helped me lose the weight off areas I want and allowed me to listen to what my body is telling me. I have since regained my confidence and feel healthier now.”

Take up the Slim9 Challenge now and get a S$180 Treatment Voucher for every 1kg lost, and other attractive prizes!

If you are interested, call 6-7373-101 (quote “PinkRoomNails”) to enjoy a one-time trial of the 101 Meridian SlimTec at only $39 and get a Fat Drainage Buster (worth $108) free! It doesn’t get any better than this, so stop hesitating and call now!

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