Saturday, May 31, 2014


Here's what went down at Pink Room this week! It has been a meaningful week that has definitely brought lots of joy and fun to Pink Room as we get back in touch with what nail art is truly about.

Kawai Basket Workshop for all those who are ga-ga for adorable nail designs! Conducted by Ms. Rachel Tang, Founder and Chief Educator of Pink Room, she will be training you girls on some of Japan's techniques to create cute nail designs. So pimp up and bling it this June ;)

Pink Room heads down to Kyo Club on Cecil Street last Wednesday and provided manicures for all the ladies who were there to party. In addition, we even collected funds for the Breast Cancer Foundation for a cause Rachel is avid about. 

With great credits to Polished Nail Boutique (Ghim Moh Road), we had a very successful night and it was a blast! Do come by for the next party on 4 June! 

This is the biggest news yet for Pink Room! Flying down specially to Pink Room to conduct a class on Electric Filing for all nail enthusiasts, Lysa will touch on how to accurately use the Electric File so as not to harm the nails and give your customer a safe manicuring experience.

Pink Room has been conducting monthly Open House. Have you seen Master Educator's Mr. Joe Chua's nail extensions demonstration yet? 

It's pretty amazing ;) #swag

Lastly, we had a final Nail Art Class for all the Clozetters that've Instagramed us. The girls had fun and they've definitely learnt some interesting tips, gaining great insights from our nail educator.

All in all, the week has been pretty fulfilling as we preach all about nails (hehes #preachit) Pink Room wishes everyone all the best and have a good rest this weekend! 


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