Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Kawaii Basket Workshop To Maximise Your Nail Art Techniques!

Stay on top of the game with Pink Room's Kawaii Basket Workshop that will be conducted by Ms. Rachel Tang (iamracheltang), Founder and Chief Educator of The Pink Room, this June!

With years of experience in the nail industry, traveling and mingling extensively overseas, Rachel regularly picks up foreign skills and aim to introduce them into the local market. Allowing our students to be the leaders of nail art trends.

Coming up, Pink Room's Kawaii Basket Workshop will be all about Japan's most well-kept secret techniques on crafting adorable nail art that will win your customers' hearts! ♡

Nail art taught are what nail salon-goers are always on a look out for! Let your salon stand out from the crowd.

For more details, please call 62201592.
First come first serve, Limited seats only.

Date:  7 June 2014
Time: 12pm - 6pm

PRINA VIP - $380
Public - $$480

Read about past Kawaii nail art classes here:

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