Friday, April 4, 2014


Unless the skies are pouring and a car whizzed past you, splashing puddles of muddy water on you just as you're on your way to the most important job interview of you life, your Friday should be pretty awesome. 

This week has been pleasant at Pink Room and we see more and more of our student coming in for self-study too! Yippee~ Our goal is to produce top-notch nailists who will be confident with their skills in future and I'm glad that our girls here are taking things much more seriously as their nail examinations is (looming) coming up!

Pink Room takes professionalism seriously and our campus ensures that ample space is always available to our students for hands-on practice. SO, we urge all Pink Room students to work hard and we pray that you girls (you know who you girls are (;) will kick-ass at the examination!

Well, here's what went down at Pink Room this week:

Look what blew into Pink Room! Nail Up! Vol.58 May issue is in at Shoppink Room! Grab yours now before it runs out. Additionally, Pink Room is giving away Nail Up! Vol.57 for those who subscribe for Nail Up! magazines now. 

We had a sneak peek and the new issue is filled with so many adorable and chic nail art! See above for one of the (we think) cutest nail art set. The best thing about this magazine is that it guides you through various nail art STEP-BY-STEP. You know what this means ;) No more going for expensive workshops for nail art you can learn and practice at home! 

Grab it now at Shoppink Room, located at International Plaza #06-18 [Exit C of Tanjong Pagar MRT].

Super cool laaaaaa (Sorry, momentary Singlish is totally justified here. Moving on...)

Sorry girls, but when you spilt drinks and food all over the classrooms, Pink Room HAD to think of a solution. After all, practising nail art also means we need to ensure a hygienic and sanitised learning area for all. SO, we actually brought in a little table for all our students to put their food and beverages before going into the class! Dont worry, no one will steal your food and drinks ;) We swear.

Lastly, the HUGEST news of all, have you guys read up on the interview our Principal, Ms. Rachel Tang, did with Japan's most sought after nail celebrity, Ms. Eriko Kurosaki

Ms. Eriko is very endearing and she even mentioned how she was pleasantly surprised at our last 10th Anniversary Pink Party Bash last Nov 2013! ^^v

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