Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Nail Up! Featuring Rachel Tang & Eriko Kurosaki

Eriko Kurosaki is a well-known professional that is extremely skilled in her nail art techniques, rising to fame and has became a celebrity that is well-liked by Japan's nail fanatics. Eriko has been invited to The Pink Room International Nail Academy (PRINA) during Pink Room's 10th anniversary Pink Party Birthday Bash and Pink Room Cup as a guest as well as a judge. 

Pink Room's Principal, Ms. Rachel Tang, met Ms. Eriko on a International nail competition as both were invited to be judges. With their passion for nails as a common topic, they hit it off immediately and soon, these two nail-crazed business ladies are sharing ideas of integrated Japan's and Singapore's nail culture. 

To learn more about the two, grab a copy of the latest issue of Nail Up! Vol.58 now at Shoppink Room [located at International Plaza #06-18].

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