Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mid-Week Feature with Eriko-san & Rachel:

Eriko Kurosaki is a well-known figure in the nail industry in Japan. With her charismatic nature and 'kawai' style, she has since been featured on multiple TV shows and magazines. Eriko and Rachel met by chance in a international nail competition when they were both the invited judges. 

As both are very passionate about nails and nail trends, the two professionals hit it off immediately. Soon, ideas and collaboration concepts were formed. Both agreed that the exchange of Japan's and Singapore's nail knowledge would be greatly advantageous for each other! This is also why Eriko was invited down to be a nail educator to Pink Room students for a day. It was a rare and unique chance for Pink Room student!

Eriko and Rachel has been friends since that fortunate competition and more is yet to come! To learn more about their journey in the nail industry, grab a copy of their feature in Japan's popular Nail Up! Vol.58 issue at Shoppink Room! Located at the heart of Singapore, Shoppink Room can be easily reached at International Plaza #06-18 (nearest MRT station: Tanjong Pagar)

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