Friday, April 11, 2014

In Nail Up! Vol.57, the Nail Up! editorial team has traveled down to Singapore and interviewed Pink Room regarding the first TAT pop-up store and Pink Room's Shoppink Room. 

Focusing not only on Pink Room, the editorial team did a little feature about the culture and must-go places in Singapore too! There's the famous chicken rice with special soaked rice that leaves one wanting for more and the symbolic Merlion statue that is a fusion of a lion and mermaid. The team also headed down to the newly opened Universal Studios! Though they claimed that it is very much the same as the one in Japan, I'm sure there is still some differences installed that has given them a pleasant surprise ~

Well, there's is so much more features in Nail Up! Vol. 57,including the special interview between TAT's President, Mr. Naoki Tanako, and Pink Room's Principal, Ms. Rachel Tang. For more scoops on what went on during Nail Up! editorial team's trip in Singapore, grab a copy of the magazine at Pink Room's Shoppink Room now.

Located at International Plaza, #06-18, Shoppink Room is conveniently accessible and can be reached from Tanjong Pagar's MRT Exit C. 

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