Tuesday, March 25, 2014

One day with 黒崎えり子~~

Our dear Principal Rachel Tang invited Ms Eriko Kurosaki for a one-day Japanese Nail Art Class with Eriko Kurosaki. It was a rare experience for our students as Eriko-sensei seldom conduct classes out of Japan. This time, she was in Singapore to celebrate PinkRoom's 10th anniversary with us! 

Apart from the class, Eriko-sensei was one of the judges for the Pink Room Cup Nail Competition. It was our great honour to have Eriko-sensei in Singapore. She is a popular nail celebrity in Japan~ who has her own nail schools in different part of Japan. 


Eriko-sensei was patient in teaching each student the techniques to create the nail art that was popular in Japan. She had individually gone round the class to talk to each student, and guided them. She even spent time to do the nail art demos for the students.

Students gathered around Eriko-sensei to take a look at the nail art demo. 


Look at all the cameras!!~ The students did not miss the chance to take pix of the nail guru in action... and also the nail art that she did so that they can use as reference when they practice. It was a great experience for everyone.  


 One group pix with the trainers~~ 
Look at all the colourful hair of our students!! Going all Kawaii-Japanese style!! 

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