Friday, March 21, 2014


It’s Saturday tomorrow! Have you guys planned for your weekends yet? Rather than going to all the posh and expensive salons to pamper your nails, why not pick up that skill yourself? You could even start a nail salon in future when you have the time and capital!

But do you know who to go to for such nail courses? Do you know what to look out for? Learn how to spot what’s right for you with the following list:

1.       Class Schedule

You’re a busy woman and there will certainly be last minute appointments or tasks you have to attend to, so you’ll definitely need a school that can offer you flexible class schedule. When you pay so much to learn the skill of nail painting, you wouldn’t want to miss a single technique and tips, and hence, do ask about the class schedule before signing up for a nail course!

2.       Location

Be it after a whole day of work or an indescribable feeling of laziness, may it be rain or shine, you’ll want a school that is accessible and easy to get to! When you pay so much, why does your journey to your nail school be an irritable trip?

3.       Schools that hard sell their products

No one likes to be scammed by their own school and a proper nail school should not be too focused on raking up products sales. The school should be an organization that you can trust and you shouldn’t have to defend yourself from unnecessary sales gimmicks.

4.       Will you be certified for your techniques or a certain brand after the training?

Have you thought of what you’ll need for a nail course/class? Sure, the school might prepare it for you and have everything ready for you. However, you have to make sure that you can learn how to use products of all brands and not just a specific brand!

When you go through a nail course by using only one specific brand, are you truly certified for your nail techniques or for that certain brand?

An example Pink Room’s Principal, Ms. Rachel Tang, likes to give:

“You can go to a BMW showroom to learn how to drive BMW cars, but that doesn’t mean you’ll know how to drive a Honda or a Toyota in future as all car brands’ cars have their own care features. But if you go to a driving centre, you can learn to drive with all sorts of cars. Same goes for choosing the right nail school.”

5.       How are the instructors like?

Do they have experience? What’s their background in the nail industry? Will they be a good teacher? These are the questions you have to find out before you actually sign up for that nail courses! A good manicurist doesn’t make them a good teacher!

Pink Room urges you to weigh your options and choose the right nail school for yourself!

On a brighter note, Pink Room is conducting the Knit Hi-5 Seminar again this coming Monday (3PM)! We understand that the previous Knit Hi-5 Seminar has been held on short notice, hence, we would like to hold the seminar again for those who couldn’t make it! For more information on the class, please call: +65 6220 1592 or visit our FB page:

Pink Room really hopes to see you this coming Monday! TGIF girls xoxo

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