Friday, March 28, 2014


The weekends are here! How was everyone's week so far? Pink Room has been buzzing with magazine features, workshops and our beloved principal is all the way at Korea for business! 

(Translated English version)

In Nail Up Magazine March issue, Pink Room is honored to be featured and the Nail Up editorial team was even there at Pink Room’s 10th Anniversary Pink Party Bash. The Pink Party Bash was a huge success for Pink Room. There were many sponsors and international nail judges present too! Participants had fun at the nail competition where they can flaunt their skills and art.

Get a scope on the coverage in Nail Up March issue now! To grab a copy, simply head down Shoppink Room at International Plaza, #06-18!

Here’s a sneak peak of the first page of our feature:

We have more coming up, stay tune! xox

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014


This March, Pink Room is honored to be FEATURED in Japan's popular Nail Up Magazine. Nail Up editorial team infiltrated Singapore to cover the opening of Japan TAT Nail opening in Singapore. 

That's right, TAT has opened at Shoppink Room and you can now get their products here at  Shoppink Room! Located at International Plaza, #06-18, it is convenient and accessible.  Nail Shop TAT is a well-known Japanese nail brand, that is similar to a nail supermarket! They actually carries international brands and the go-to place for nail products in Japan.

With a whooping 4-5 pages of coverage, Nail Up provided an interesting and detailed article about Singapore's food, manicurists and Pink Room! Scroll down for a sneak peak of the article! 

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(Japanese version)

(Translated English version)

(Japanese version)

(Translated English version)

So have you gotten a copy of Nail Up March issue yet? If you haven't simply call +65 6220 1592 for a copy! Shoppink Room now carries Nail Up magazine and you can get your issue with us now! Awesome right!!

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

One day with 黒崎えり子~~

Our dear Principal Rachel Tang invited Ms Eriko Kurosaki for a one-day Japanese Nail Art Class with Eriko Kurosaki. It was a rare experience for our students as Eriko-sensei seldom conduct classes out of Japan. This time, she was in Singapore to celebrate PinkRoom's 10th anniversary with us! 

Apart from the class, Eriko-sensei was one of the judges for the Pink Room Cup Nail Competition. It was our great honour to have Eriko-sensei in Singapore. She is a popular nail celebrity in Japan~ who has her own nail schools in different part of Japan. 


Monday, March 24, 2014


It’s the last week of March and we are so thrilled! You guys have no idea how many workshops Pink Room is hosting in April! Well stay up-to-date with us here:

It’s the third month of 2014 already, have you girls found out which food products will give you that clear, radiant and healthy nails? Scroll on to find out!

Saturday, March 22, 2014


Have you girls checked out our Shoppink Room yet? It’s filled to the brim with all sorts of nail products you’ll be spoilt for choices! Refill your nail stocks here at Shoppink Room.

Take a sneak peak here:

128 shades of Diami nail polishes to choose from! They dry really fast and save you lots of time (proven).

Some of the glitters we have, of course we have more, but here’s a close-up shot! Scroll for more nail products!

Head down today! Our Japanese Nail Up magazines have arrived too, grab yours now ;) xoxo

Psst! Have you guys heard what Rachel said about the recent Knit Hi-5 Seminar? Check it out here:

Friday, March 21, 2014


It’s Saturday tomorrow! Have you guys planned for your weekends yet? Rather than going to all the posh and expensive salons to pamper your nails, why not pick up that skill yourself? You could even start a nail salon in future when you have the time and capital!

But do you know who to go to for such nail courses? Do you know what to look out for? Learn how to spot what’s right for you with the following list:

1.       Class Schedule

You’re a busy woman and there will certainly be last minute appointments or tasks you have to attend to, so you’ll definitely need a school that can offer you flexible class schedule. When you pay so much to learn the skill of nail painting, you wouldn’t want to miss a single technique and tips, and hence, do ask about the class schedule before signing up for a nail course!

2.       Location

Be it after a whole day of work or an indescribable feeling of laziness, may it be rain or shine, you’ll want a school that is accessible and easy to get to! When you pay so much, why does your journey to your nail school be an irritable trip?

3.       Schools that hard sell their products

No one likes to be scammed by their own school and a proper nail school should not be too focused on raking up products sales. The school should be an organization that you can trust and you shouldn’t have to defend yourself from unnecessary sales gimmicks.

4.       Will you be certified for your techniques or a certain brand after the training?

Have you thought of what you’ll need for a nail course/class? Sure, the school might prepare it for you and have everything ready for you. However, you have to make sure that you can learn how to use products of all brands and not just a specific brand!

When you go through a nail course by using only one specific brand, are you truly certified for your nail techniques or for that certain brand?

An example Pink Room’s Principal, Ms. Rachel Tang, likes to give:

“You can go to a BMW showroom to learn how to drive BMW cars, but that doesn’t mean you’ll know how to drive a Honda or a Toyota in future as all car brands’ cars have their own care features. But if you go to a driving centre, you can learn to drive with all sorts of cars. Same goes for choosing the right nail school.”

5.       How are the instructors like?

Do they have experience? What’s their background in the nail industry? Will they be a good teacher? These are the questions you have to find out before you actually sign up for that nail courses! A good manicurist doesn’t make them a good teacher!

Pink Room urges you to weigh your options and choose the right nail school for yourself!

On a brighter note, Pink Room is conducting the Knit Hi-5 Seminar again this coming Monday (3PM)! We understand that the previous Knit Hi-5 Seminar has been held on short notice, hence, we would like to hold the seminar again for those who couldn’t make it! For more information on the class, please call: +65 6220 1592 or visit our FB page:

Pink Room really hopes to see you this coming Monday! TGIF girls xoxo

Call +65-6220 1592 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Gelly Tole Painting Class Happening This March!



Join PinkRoom's Principal Rachel Tang, probably the only Japan Level 1 Licensed Nailist in Singapore! Learn the secrets of the new age gel nail polishes now!


Launching Gelly Tole Painting Class for the very first time! It will be a great learning experience and a great skill to learn. For those who are interested, please call 
+65 6348 1592. 

Gelly Tole Painting Class will be conducted on 22nd March 2014 (Sat)
Time: 12pm to 6pm

Advance Gelly Tole Painting Class will be conducted on 5th April 2014 (Sat)
Time: 12pm to 6pm

Gelly Tole Painting Class: $480 for public ($380 for PinkRoom student)

Advance Gelly Tole Painting Class: $480 for public ($380 for PinkRoom student)

For both classes: $880 for public ($680 for PinkRoom student)

Gelly Tole Painting Class will be conducted on 22nd March 2014 (Sat)
Time: 12pm to 6pm

Advance Gelly Tole Painting Class will be conducted on 5th April 2014 (Sat)
Time: 12pm to 6pm

Pink Room is a nail academy that promises on delivering quality workshops and class to its students. This Gelly Tole Painting class will give you an advantage in today's nail industry so do not miss this chance!

Call the Pink Room to enquire about the Gelly Tole Painting classes now~! 
Register before slots are all filled up in no time!

 Call +65-6220 1592 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Happy Mid-Week! 

It is mid-week and we can't help but look back on last Wednesday (5 March 2014) where Pink Room embarked on our very first collaboration with Vanity Trove. All work and no fun makes Jack a dull boy, hence, this collaboration sparked off with Vanity Trove's very exclusive Get, Snap, Blingo! project launch party at Zouk Singapore. Here's what you've missed:


There was the VERY FIRST 1Q32 D.I.Y Nail Bar where girls can choose from a range of 1Q32 Instant Gellish and paint it themselves! The response was overwhelming as some even had to queue up just to get to the bar and its pretty nail polishes. We were impressed by the girl’s painting skills! Some of them even did nail art with the gel.

1Q32 Instant Gellish is a one-step gel polish~ the latest revolution of gel polish (aka Gelish). 1Q32 made it easy for us to DIY our nails if we have a last minute dinner date, and didn’t have time to head to the salons. This special gel does not require a base coat or a top coat!! Buff, Polish, Cure~ It’s that simple!

We even got a hashtag for those who want to Instagram their nails, it's so on like Donkey Kong! ROAR! #pinkroomnails

Our graduate students even came down and help out at the event! We are extremely glad that Chuxuan & the girls from Juup Nails came down to give manicures, at the same time, we're even more pleased when Kate and Piya from Polished Nail Boutique agreed to assist us during this event. We're very proud of our students! YAY to professional nail education at PinkRoom!! \(^.^)/

Our graduates have been running their salons for some time now~ they did not panic even when the queue started building up. They were professional throughout the whole event!~ The guests were impressed by their services and also said that they will visit them at the salon! Everyone made new friends that night. We heard many roars of laughter coming from the booths! 

The two emcees of the night was attracted to our booths and even got their free manicures! They look so amazing for that night. Both of them made the event light up with their larger than life personalities! 

The highlight of the night is when Pink Room's Principal, Ms. Rachel Tang (@iamracheltang) stepped into the spotlight and did a live demonstration for everyone on stage. Everyone was intrigued by the demo! Many did not believe that it was possible to DIY their own nails with gel polish. Rachel, the nail expert did the talking~~ while the model DIY to show how simple it is!

It was a very happening night, the joyous atmosphere was infectious and everyone had fun that night. We're very honored to be able to work with Vanity Trove and we'll look forward to more of such endeavors. If you weren't there with us during the Get, Snap, Blingo! party, you can go to Pink Room's facebook page for more gossips and interesting pictures!

Once again, HAPPY MID-WEEK EVERYONE!! xoxo