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A Student's Study-Log @PinkRoom : AWESOME PINKROOM ♡

A Student's Study-Log @PinkRoom - Joanne [SIN13-xxxx].
Student since 2013.

Thursday, June 27, 2013


Started my first nail lesson at Pink Room on 12 Mar 2013

 Got extremely excited the day before. And get myself ready the day before my lesson starts!

First Table Set Up!

& Our very first dinner together with the PRINA GIRLS. And also a Farewell dinner for our pretty Emmeline!


Gelish Nail Art Course with Rachel Tang!
Kits for our Gel Sculpture Module
 Some of my works during NAILART lesson. Didn't manage to take all picture though.
PRINA Certificate Examination [June 2013]~ This picture was taken during the Professional Manicurist examination.

Group Picture with our JOE & RACHEL!
 Last class together with PRINA GIRLS yesterday! 27 Jun 2013
 In a blink of the eyes, 3 months of PRINA life is over.
And i realized time pass super quickly! 3 Months just passed like that. Indeed the world doesn't stop spinning just for you. Time doesn't stop passing just for you.People change, things change. Nothing's going to stay the same waiting for you to catch up with it.

Thank you guys for making the class such a special one.(:

The class came and gone. But those were the day never to be forgotten!
I just can't put it into words.I still can feel the joy since day 1...How awesome is that? Sometimes, I just hope good times last longer. Guys, all the best in everything ! if you ever read this, i miss you!

Thanks Nicole, Rachel & JOE for the advice that you've been giving us. Thank you guys for being our teachers.
Once again Thank you people!

See you guys soon during our Practice Session & Exam!

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