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A Blogger's Media Workshop - Log @ PinkRoom Yuri

5 December 2013

Hello,Ninja Mates.

I,Yuri, have a simple and difficult question.

"What's your talent?"

Could you answer clearly??
If you said 'Yes',you are one of a lucky person.

Most of people are wondering "What's my talent?"
"Am I standing right place?""Was my choice correct?"
I think it's very natural.

But!!!Here is one of your potential gateway to your successful life!!
You may find your talent;)

'The PINK ROOM International Nail Academy' is 
10 years anniversary in this year(2013).Congratulations!!

Here are professional trainers,warm and nice staffs,good environment for students and great courses.
If you are interested in being a Nail artist,you should visit here.
I was invited their 10 years anniversary seminar.
I'm gonna introduce what I experienced.
This is owner ,Ms.Rachel Tang.She got many kinds of TOP-level certification in Nail from Japan,Korea and USA and won a lot of awards.

Her students are very talented as well.
Look at these trophies(This is part of it)!!

Detailed nail art...amazing...

In Academy,there is shopping store of nail products(anyone can use!). 

You can get these items!

Sakura and I was taught a simple nail art!
1. Make plane nail tip with toothpick
2. Put nail color into water(Normal water)
Like this...
3. Make this shape with toothpick
4.Dry it

5. Put nail into the water (45 degree)


These are for Gelish nails

We saw beautiful 3D art work!!
Beautiful art work!!!
It's detailed nail,but amazing thin!!

Do you want this ability??
Thank you!!

Please visit "The PINK ROOM International Nail Academy"
Adress:10 Anson road,#06-18,International Plaza,Singapore 079903
Tel:(65)6220-1592 Fax:(65)6348-1592

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