Monday, November 18, 2013

"Pinkroom Cup 2013 & Me" Write-In Contest!

Thank you to everyone who had turned up on 17th Nov for our PINKROOM CUP 2013. 
To my dearest PRINA students & graduates who had competed...
Thank you for enduring & making it till the actual day of competition... for having the guts and confidence to go through the competition, although you might have totally no confidence & would like to give up. I am saying this from my years of experience of training & putting Nailist/Trainers, through the same "torturous process" of "growing-up" to become a better Nailist. I am really proud of every single on of you!! #youdunsay #iamshy 

Because I know, that each of you are not the same after the competition. 

The time to practice & train for the competition, the bonding you have with your school-mates, the achievement of overcoming your own stress during the competition time; most importantly, the self-realization that you can actually do it, that you are much much more capable and skilled than what you think you are...

All the points above, were the reason of why I decided, (...against all common-sense not to do it as the logistics & money is a nightmare to go through....), to go ahead & make this competition happen for you girls. 

Because there is no better way to impart this realization of self-confidence; it is only through the process of participating in a nail competition with the school's "safe-guided-loving' environment, that each of you would most able to benefit individually.


So, give yourself a pat on the back, and smile with the bright happiness of confidence you gained from this process....and tell yourself... "I did it!!"

You deserve it~ \(^.^)/

Overseas Competitors....
Thank you for traveling all the way to our small Singapore to compete in a foreign environment. Our apologies for the difference in culture, temperature, or any way we had not done to your satisfaction as a host.


Hand Models....
Thank you for the hours of patience and endurance to sit through all pre-competition practice sessions and the actual-competition-day stress with the competitors.

Family, Hubby, Boyfriends of Competitors....
Thank you for the months of endurance and patience with each competitors, as they undergo a roller-coaster of stress, frustrations, attempts to give-up, tantrums, etc etc...( know what I

I hope everyone had a meaningful time at the Pinkroom Cup 2013! 

Every competitor had an enriching experience that is like no other.

"Pinkroom Cup 2013 & Me" Write-In Contest!

Please do write-in to share your story & experience of participating in the PinkRoom Cup 2013.


You can include the process prior to the competition, the ups and downs of the whole process, the actual day, and the aftermath thoughts and reflections, and encouragements to future students/competitors...and lots of photos to tell your story!! 

Email or Email BlogLink to:
Title: PinkRoom Cup 2013 & Me.

Please include your :
*STUDENT ID (if you have one)


We would feature your article/blog on our Facebook (25,419 Likes currently/ Blog). 

Selected blogs/articles would be given a token of appreciation to be collected at our school(Int'l Plaza/Tanjong Pagar/Singapore) 
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Love & Proud of Everyone of you~ 
Rachel Tang

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