Saturday, November 30, 2013

"Pinkroom Cup 2013 & Me" Write-In Contest!

We want to hear your story~~ write in and share your ups and downs while preparing for the PinkRoom Cup 2013! Please do write-in to share your story & experience of participating in the PinkRoom Cup 2013.


You can include the process prior to the competition, the ups and downs of the whole process, the actual day, and the aftermath thoughts and reflections, and encouragements to future students/competitors...and lots of photos to tell your story!! 

Email or Email BlogLink to:
Title: PinkRoom Cup 2013 & Me.

Please include your :
*STUDENT ID (if you have one)

We would feature your article/blog on our Facebook (25,419 Likes currently/ Blog). 

Selected blogs/articles would be given a token of appreciation to be collected at our school(Int'l Plaza/Tanjong Pagar/Singapore). We would include your blog address, facebook, instagram,etc to drive traffic back to you, so do also include the links you would like us to link and credit back to you.


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