Tuesday, September 17, 2013

PRINA Diploma Examination 2013~ a coveted Diploma Certificate

PRINA Diploma Examination 2013 just happened last Sunday!

Another batch of nailists just completed their stringent examination after completing their Pink Room Diploma Course. Many are excited to be receiving their acclaimed professional diploma certificates soon~ 

Our Diploma Certificate is status as a high-level, all-rounder-skilled nailist. To obtain the coverted Diploma Certificate, all Pink Room Graduates goes through meticulous trainings by our international award-winning trainers, hands-on practicals with corrections at every level throughout the whole Diploma Course. Our Pink Room Diploma Course boost the most comprehensive detail teachings, where students have unlimited hands-on self-practicals, even after they had completed all their required modules. We welcome all students to come back any time even after they graduated for practicals or just for chit-chats & catch-up visits.

Our graduates have the utmost confidence in handling real-paying customers after their course, and have no fear to start their own home-salons or retail salons immediately after they graduate; a majority of our current students had in fact already gained enough confidence and skills to start their own nail careers half-way during their course.  

The Pink Room DIPLOMA IN PROFESSIONAL NAIL TECHNOLOGY CERTIFICATE is probably one of the only registered nail school, specialized in teaching only nail courses, with Singapore MOE's Council for Private Education (CPE). In Singapore, all Diploma Certificates issuance and accreditation are regulated by Singapore's Ministry of Education(CPE). 

The PinkRoom had been registered with the CPE since 2011.

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