Saturday, September 14, 2013

CHANEL KITTY Sweet² Kawaii Workshop Class [Aug'13]

A class full of kawaii-ness with Principal Rachel Tang~ Each student "discovered" the secret Japanese-styled nail art techniques to create the oh-so-cute Kitty in the classic Chanel outfit & Chanel signature designs~

Most students in the class did not have much knowledge on creating the kawaii nailart. But by the end of the class, they were able to create the cutesy nailart that are almost 100% close to the real thing... all using just acrylic powder & liquid monomer!


Hands on time~~ Students were so excited to be able to do their very own Chanels and Kitties!! 


Rachel had guided each student throughout the whole class to make sure that they are doing it the right way. With the correct basis foundation, creating nail art will become much easier. 


Rachel had been in the nail industry for more than 10 years and have trained and taught so so so many successful nailists in the nail industry today. If you haven't already know, Rachel was a lecturer in a local polytechnic before she started PinkRoom.

Rachel is also holder of the highest nail licence in Japan - the JNA 1

She had the special ability to TEACH, and made sure that each student really understand. After which, the cliche line follows "Practice makes perfect".


Rachel guided each and every student in class to ensure that she learns the correct technique. Having pick up the right technique is akin to having strong foundations. With that, each student will not need to waste time and efforts on try and error and correcting herself. Or trying to figure what went wrong...


Apart from practical hands on during the Kawaii Nailart workshop, Rachel will go through the theory and proportions to achieve the most accurate Kitty!~ We won't want our Kitty to look too different from the original, do we?  

Thanks to the magic proportion & corrections by Rachel, our students were able to create close to perfect Kitties~

*opps the magic proportion is a secret*


After the one-day class with Rachel, each student brought home precious knowledge, tips & tricks, their very own set of kawaii nailart that they made, a certificate & fond memories of the class!! 

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