Sunday, July 14, 2013

Happy Birthday to Joe Chua~ our dearest respected Master Educator

What do you give a guy like Joe Chua for his birthday present? ~Cigarettes only harms!! Thus Rachel figured that the best "birthday present" that would bring tears to his eyes, are invaluable words by all of us who cherishes his presence in our lives. 

It would be great if some of you would leave him a note or something nice. Let's all make a special birthday gift for him!

JOE CHUA~ A World Champion Nailist internationally in many countries, he had been passionately passing on his valuable skills and knowledge to each and every individual student who had passed through our PinkRoom gates. 

Joe is a person of tremendous talent with an unlimited amount of patience for each student. Many would remember his familiar bent-over back, as he goes from student to student correcting individually their mistakes during EVERY classroom sessions: no matter how tiring he is, or how many students is in each class, he would do this over and over again... there is no student whom would be missed-out or left struggling with their skills alone. 

Even if he is not feeling well or running a fever, this dedication and consistency in his teaching has never changed from day one. It is easy to be passionate for one year or two... or even 3 to 5 years. But to be doing this for the past 10 over years, takes a deep sense of commitment and mentor-love for each students whom we teach. 

Everyone is special to us, everyone is someone we would like to see excel and become the best that he/she can ever become. Each graduate nailist's success and achievement is what keeps us going for the last decade. 

 So... leave all your mushy comments on our Facebook page, we would get him to read it. Hopefully his birthday this year would be a special one!! 



Some of Joe's famous nailart works~


Lastly, the oh-so-famous Panda nailart~
That's Joe's Papa Panda in the middle, surrounded by Pandas by the PinkRoom students...

Thank you for being the greatest Master Joe...
also affectionately known as "Uncle Joe" to our PRINAgals!

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