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We had a fun night on 15th April, when the Certificate Award Ceremony was held for our PRINA gals! It was also meant to be a fun catch-up session for them with free nailart demos, yummy buffet spread & the certificate presentation ceremony.

We had organised a gathering for our students who took part in the Professional Examinations, and they came to collect their Professional Certificates. The event was a great success! By the end of the night, our Facebook newsfeed was filled with student's love~~

 Buffet for everyone. Eating comes first so that everyone will be full and have energy for the night! 


Everyone was glad there's food as most of them came over after work. Thankfully the school is located in the CBD area which makes it easy for every one to come by.


The whole school brighten up with everyone's laughters & chatters. Many took the chance to catch up with their classmates whom they had not have time to meet after completing their course. Many spent time to chat with our Trainers... asking advice for problems that they had met after graduation.

 Rows of Angel Pro Gelly Polish for the demo up ahead! 
The nail demo was kindly sponsored by Angel Pro~ *excited* It was a free "upgrading" nail art seminar for our students!

 A brief introduction by our Principal Rachel Tang before the start of the demonstrations. With years of experience in the industry, Rachel was able to share advice and tips with the students on moving on to the next stage of their nail journey after graduating - setting up their own nail business and making it a career.


And the gel nail art demonstration by Rachel begins! Everyone was very excited cus these nail art are not taught in the Diploma course. As our students have already undergo the PinkRoom Diploma in Professional Nail Technology, it was very easy for them to pick up the new technique. 

The gals watching attentively... Rachel did a demo on the folk-art technique using the Angel Pro Gelly Polish. Folk-art never fail to awe everyone for it's unique blend of colors.
 *** Check out the kawaii ribbon LED lamp!! ***

Tada! The final result! Love the green gradient. Does it remind you of mermaid-themed nails?


 The nail tips were being passed around to students. All the folkart nail art was done using Angel Pro Gelly Polish! We would have never expect that folk art can be done using gel polish~

Another set of folkart nail art ♥  The colors are so vibrant and cheerful! 

Following Rachel's demo is Master Educator's Joe Chua's acrylic stiletto extension! The Stiletto nail extension technique is out of our teaching syllabus as it is not often that customers will request for such nails. Stiletto nails are the sharp pointed nails. Our students joked that it is for the Empress Dowager.


Stiletto nails elongates the fingers~ check out the "before" and "after"!

 Hope the girls can learn some secrets and be inspired to create more beautiful nail art! 

 Love ♥ this photo! Our Principal Rachel and the gals mingling. Just like some friends chit-chatting with one another~


Mini group photos with the students in class~ 



 What more befitting flower than pink roses for our girls!  
Pink roses represents gratitude and appreciation, and is a traditional way of saying thanks. 
Thank you our lovely students, you have been a joy to teach!

Awarding the certificates to the girls and of course a mandatory photo to capture this moment of pride and happiness! In fact~ all the students were requesting photos with our trainers as it was probably their only chance to take the photo with the certificates and principal and trainers.

 Group photo to remember this milestone for our PRINA gals! 
Congratulations our girls and boy on your graduation!

We had a great time chit-chatting and exchanging goings-on in one another's lives. We hope Pink Room's spirit of sharing and caring will continue to accompany you in your nail journey

Many of the girls here are already successfully running their nail salons~ we will share their stories, and nail salon URL on our Facebook page... do keep a look out for it at -

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