Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hey! That's our Principal ~ realistic face painting

"I found a bunch of photos of hand-drawn nailart done by our "King of Nail-Gurus" Mr JOE CHUA~ It was done some time ago but we have never shared here goes!! 


Yes~ it's ME!

This was done by PinkRoom's Master Educator Joe Chua some time ago~ I remembered he just sat there drawing away with a fine brush and an array of paints... silently on his own drawing and drawing (those who knows him, know what I meant~ LOL) And after a while, he just turned around and asked "Nice or not?"

I took a peek and my first reaction was: "WOW!! itz me!!"
 Followed by my second reaction: "Ewww...itz me!!... on a nail tip!?!" 
Honestly, it was rather weird to see yourself, as a painting... needs some getting used to~ Hahahahaa~

On closer scrutiny of his "nail art", I was amazed by the fine strokes and realism of the person's facial expressions!! It is easy to "just draw a face", but it is damn ultra-difficult (in my humble opinion), to draw someone you know; coz it is not just a face, but a person you actually know, bundled together with his/her character.

It's hard to critic his art coz it's my own face,lol! 

Frankly, I felt that Joe managed to catch a person's personality & characteristics in his paintings.. He also managed to create a 3-Dimensional image onto a 2-Dimensional surface..aka, that of a small nail tip!! All these from his many years of high-technical skills & in-depth knowledge of facial proportions and colors. 
Cheerios to our Master Joe!! \(^.^)/

By the way, Joe ended up drawing not only me, but a couple of us... 
So keep a lid on your curiosity and I would try to upload all of them asap... ^.^

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