Saturday, March 2, 2013

PRINA Certificate Examination Jan'13

This is the first PRINA Certificate Examination of 2013!

Here is a group shot with Principal Rachel Tang, Master Educator Joe Chua and Senior Educator Nicole! Year after year, PinkRoom has successful trained many batches of PRINA Nailists. All of whom have received skills for them to keep~ Skills are something that no one is able to take away from you!!

After all the practices and effort they put in, it is time for the examinations! Going through the examinations and strict assessments by PinkRoom is the best way to determine how much you have learnt and achieved in your nail journey~ 

PRINAgals were all prepared with their own kits and Pinkroom apron, awaiting for the examination to commence. 

Everyone was very nervous as it was the first time for most of them. They have read about the examinations in our blogs and seen pictures, but it was the first time they are experiencing it 'live'! And let me tell you, what you see in pictures are very very different from the actual happenings in school that day!

I guess they know how serious the school treats these examinations and that they have to do their best to achieve and reach their goals. Like the saying goes, "If it's easy, it's not worth it" The examination is one of the big milestone in each student's learning journey.

This is why PinkRoom students are highly sought after by employers. All our students need to meet a minimum mark of 80% to pass the examination before they are awarded with a Professional Certificate.

The door is open for registration on the dot~ 

Models getting their nails checked before the start of the examination, making sure that all the nails are disease free and ready for the practical examination.


Looking confident before heading in to the examination room! 
Seems like they are all well-prepared for the examinations~ These girls have been practicing day and night prior to the examinations to make sure that they are familiar with the steps and procedures. 

The rest of the PRINAgals cluster around the corridor for pre-exam prep to ensure that they have all the items needed.

Before the start of the practical test, take a group shot with the models! Creating memories of their learning journey to becoming a certified nailist~~ 

PinkRoom Principal Rachel Tang giving a briefing on what will be tested...


And now, it's the start of the examination. At this point of time, all you'll hear is the sound of the nail files and nail tools... no more talking and laughing! Everyone was concentrating on giving their best shot in the time given.


Rachel walking around to assess the students... 


See how serious everyone was....


Apart from the practical examination, PRINAgals were tested on their nail knowledge in a theory test.This adds on to the professionalism of the PRINAgals! Having theoretical knowledge gives customers confidence when providing nail services.


Rachel and Joe invigilated for the nail extensions practical~ 


Every step of the procedure is very important as it determines the outcome of your work! Even cuticle cleaning, which seem like an easy job, plays an important role in the overall look of your nail extension. Any design would not look great if the cuticles are not dealt with properly. Many customers have experienced cuts during this process and PRINA students are taught to be very careful during this procedure.

The examination concluded with the assessment of the models' hands by Principal Rachel Tang and Master Educator Joe Chua~ 

A picture together that marks the end of the examination! Just completing the exam is an achievement! PRINAgals are always welcomed to come back to school to update, practise and visit their teachers! 

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