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Study nail courses at a MOE[CPE] registered private school.

The Pink Room International Nail Academy – 
is a registered private educational institute with the Ministry of Education's statutory board, The Council for Private Education[CPE].


Probably the ONLY 100% Nails-Focused School Registered 
with Council for Private Education!

Stories of students getting cheated of their hard-earned money by private schools are not unheard of, so if you are spending hundreds or thousands of dollars to acquire and advance your skills in nail courses, it is important that you do a detailed background research of the institution. Our school would be the right choice for you, if you want to study to become a professional in the nail industry or just as a hobby.

Ministry of Education's statutory board, The Council for Private Education (CPE) was officially set-up to oversee the private education sector in Singapore and to ensure that schools registered with it adheres to strict regulations.

The CPE oversees the private education sector to ensure that private education institutions in Singapore are of high quality standard in order to protect the interests of the students enrolled in their schools.

CPE chief executive Henry Heng said the new rules have served to weed out substandard schools. “The entry bar was so low that anyone with a couple of hundred dollars could start a school and they did,” he said. 


Under the Private Education Act,
all private schools in Singapore are required to be registered with the CPE to give out higher qualification certificates such as a Diploma & Degree cert legally and to ensure that its teachers have the relevant qualifications and experience before they are allowed to commence operation. At our school, you would be assured to know that our Professional Nail Diploma is legally permitted in Singapore.  

 All Diploma and degree courses have to be permitted by the authority before they are being offered. Under new rules introduced in December 2009, private schools are  required to be registered and operate under more demanding requirements. 

These included having independent examination boards, transparent finances and adequately qualified teachers. As a result, the number of schools was whittled down from more than 1,000 to 338 at the last count.


The Pink Room International Nail Academy is probably the ONLY registered private school with a sole focus on nail courses without diversifying into other beauty fields, such as hair, cosmetics, facial etc. We give our 100% attention to everything nails-related, hence the assurance of the comprehensive coverage in our nail courses & diplomas.

An institution registered with the CPE will be listed on its website. 
Click the below link to view our Private Education Institutions (PEIs) registration:

The good news of confidence & assurance to study with us!! ~ 
Our Registration Certificate is renewed by CPE!
It is a four year renewal as we have passed all of their strict auditing process & requirements!
We are so proud and happy to receive this good news!

 You can visit the CPE's website to find out more about our school before signing up -

Method 1: Enter School Name "Pink Room" on the homepage. 

Step 2: Click on the Link...
... and you will find more information about the school! 

If you would like to find the directions to the PinkRoom, follow the steps below -

Step 1: Choose "View PEIs by Location".

Step 2: Key in search box "Pink Room", find by location and click [GO]

The map will point to you the exact location and address of PinkRoom! 

If you are unable to navigate to "Pink Room's location" 
you can use the facility provided by one map to provide directions~

 Pink Room would encourage students to ensure that the Private Education Institutions (PEIs) they are applying are registered with CPE as the council would provide the basic protection for student for any unforeseen circumstances.

Share this information with all your friends! Make sure that you choose a school that is registered with the CPE to product yourself. Studying a  new skill should not have to come with any additional worries of being cheated of money and time invested! 

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