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Finding the right nail school for yourself... [Part 2/3]

Are you a little more prepared and know what to look out for after reading our last entry on finding the RIGHT Nail School? That's not all~~ Apart from being registered with the Ministry of Education's statutory board, The Council for Private Education [CPE], here's more telltale points to consider and keep a look out for!

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6. Are there any hidden costs?
Ministry of Education's statutory board, The Council for Private Education [CPE] requires all Course fees + examination fees etc are to be disclosed to the student prior to registration. All fees are required to be listed in black & white on the school's website for each student's knowledge. You can view all of our school's course details and fees on our website:

Registered with The Council for Private Education [CPE], PinkRoom ensures a smooth and fuss-free learning journey for every student without having to worry about additional costs as all the fees are advised beforehand! You can make an one-to-one appointment with our friendly Course Consultants to find out more on the fees involved, installment plans, etc to effectively plan your money matters!

7. What Certificate will you receive?
Singapore does not have a central authority to officially recognize educational qualifications. The decision to accept your qualifications depends on the hiring policy of the Nail Salon and the actual hands-on skills of the individual. So... don't be mislead into believing that there are any "International Certificate" or "Recognized by Government" bogus certificates! 

Only private schools with permission from The Council for Private Education [CPE] are allowed to provide Diploma and Degree courses, and issue the certificates to its students legally. 
Having said that, PinkRoom is by far the only 100% solely Nail-Focused Private Education Institute in Singapore registered with The Council for Private Education [CPE] . 

Do ask to take a look at a sample of the Certificate that you will receive after completion of the course. Check the text, logos, names etc that are printed on the certificate. Certificates bearing product brands logos show that you have undergone a product training of that particular brand.

A PinkRoom Certificate does not have any product brand logo as our focus is 100% on the teaching of foundation skills & techniques required for your life-long career in the nails industry. We believe that only with a rock-solid foundation, you will be able to use any brand of product in the market to produce excellent results for your future customers! 

8. Is there a proper teaching system?
In order for a private school to be registered, its courses must be permitted by the Council for Private Education [CPE]. The private school must adhere to terms and conditions imposed by the council before it can offer Diploma courses.

A new student with zero knowledge about nails would not know if she has been taught all that she needs to know. At PinkRoom, you won't have such worries as our Principal is an experienced professional in the field of academic and vocational education for the past 15 years. Her expertise in the area of training both students and trainers has been proven successful in the past 10 years of nail-education in PinkRoom. 


PinkRoom own proprietary system of nail-education syllabus ensures only success for every student who completed our course. Our lessons follow a carefully designed time schedule to allow the trainers to keep track of each student's learning progress. Trainers will not miss out teaching any topics as every lesson has a training guide that trainers strictly follow. We ensure that each student has attended all the topics needed before progressing to the next learning stage.

PinkRoom students are allowed free make-up class if they missed their scheduled classes due to work/ overseas trips/ pregnancy, etc. There is no fear of missing any topics required for you to complete your course. No extra fees are incurred for make-up classes.

PinkRoom students are also given unlimited self-study hours to practice in our school premises where they can seek professional advice from their trainer when needed. 


A  common result of "flexible time learning" or "own-time-own-target" teaching style is unfair teaching of the individual. Many students who had tried such learning style shared that the trainer forgets what they had taught previously and end up repeating the same topic. It is only after meeting PinkRoom students that they realized what they have been missing in terms of skill level and techniques learnt.

You might ask, "How is it possible to not be aware of what you are missing during class?". Actually, this is not uncommon for a newbie as she won't be able to determine whether she can progress to the next level and need to depend on the trainer's guidance to know if they are doing things correctly.


This is why PinkRoom doesn't adopt "flexible time learning" or "own-time-own-target" teaching style. It is impossible for the student to learn effectively if their last attended lesson was 1 month ago, the situation worsens if the trainer don't "revise" topics from the previous lesson and continue teaching the next topic, how will the poor student absorb what's being taught after such a long absence? It would be quite confusing, especially since what you are learning is totally new.

9. How much are you paying for quality classroom time?
Apart from comparing course fees, bare in mind to check the total classroom hours. Do not be "tempted" by promises such as "teach until you know how to do it", as the school's expectation will very often vary from yours!

Some course duration includes a majority of practice hours in their "teaching time", even when there is no teacher in the class. This means that the actual teaching hours with a trainer is  much lesser than what is promised. 

The Course Duration of the PinkRoom's Diploma Courses are more than 100+ hours. The whole Course Duration is 100% classroom teaching hours with one/two qualified trainers in the classroom for the whole duration. These hours are packed with NEW things to learn, NEW techniques to master, NEW ways to correct your incorrect techniques, and practical learning with the guidance of a trainer. Our unlimited self-practical hours are NOT included in our classroom teaching time. 


Yes, there is so much to learn to become a Professional PinkRoom Nailist. That is how detailed our course is. At PinkRoom, you have the luxury of learning how to file an acrylic nail correctly for a full 3 hours or more! Regardless of class size, you will receive individual correction attention and guidance throughout the entire lesson.

Learning a brand new skill takes time! It is easy to believe that there is an easier route to take but unfortunately, there is NO WAY to be completely trained as a nail technician in a short time without systematic syllabus teaching and regular lessons, well... at least not to the level of quality we at PinkRoom sets. 

Perhaps it is this belief of quality training hours that explains why our students are always confident enough to start their own nail business/start working immediately after they had finish their course of studies.


So how much is our quality training worth? Do the math yourself and don't be deceived by marketing strategy that promises the skies. Divide the total amount paid with the number of classroom hours~ You would get the cost per teaching hour, then make a mental comparison on the worth of what you are paying for. 

10. Success stories of graduated students.
Many of our graduated students have made their foray into the nail industry by setting up their own salon. Their businesses have grown over the years and they have garnered their own fair share of loyal customers. They are often recommended by customers for their services and skills in forums and blogs. 

Apart from the school's success, we are proud to offer our students a conducive environment for learning nails with tutelage by experienced trainers so they will be ready to set up their own salon/nail career immediately after learning with us.

You will find text such as "Student of PinkRoom", "Graduated from PinkRoom" etc on the pages of successful nailists in Singapore. We don't have to brag~ The results speaks for itself. Our students form a major population in the Singapore Nail Industry!

We are proud of our students' success. Read and see for yourselves the experiences of students who have learnt from us. 
Click to read yourself:


Doing enough research will save you future heartaches, time and money. It would minimize the time wasted learning with a school that promises more than it can deliver. 

Over the years, many came to us with horror stories of their previous experiences. After spending money and time, they still did not learn all the nail skills required for them to  face their customers confidently. Once our course consultant showed them our on-going classroom teaching sessions, they have a better understanding of PinkRoom training system and realized their previous courses were not as detailed and comprehensive. Majority chose to re-learn and attend our PinkRoom Diploma Course from scratch. It is very disheartening for us when we encounter these scenarios  as we understand the gnawing heartache of wasting hard-earned money without attaining the level of skills you paid for.

It is our wish that such circumstances would NEVER happen to another person with the passion to learn a new nail skill! PLEASE do your research well before committing your hard-earned money and time to a nail school. We would like you to research about PinkRoom and understand what we can provide you before joining us. You would not regret it. 

Talk to as many PinkRoom students as you can to understand our way of classroom teaching. This is the most direct and genuine way to get to know us!

Also, come down to PinkRoom to visit us!! Singapore is not that big, if you are going to be spending so much time and perhaps money on a nail course, the school better be some place you feel comfortable in for the next few months. 

Check out:
1) our easy accessable school & classroom environment
2) the way lessons are are being conducted by our trainers
3) trainer's nailart: 200% awesome, if not they would not be qualified to be a PinkRoom Trainer.. LOL!!
4) student's nailart: it is more important to see our Student's Nailart, than the Trainer's Nailart because this is the best way to judge how you would become once you are a student at PinkRoom...

Also, the fact that there are many nailist with the talent for doing beautiful nailart, but without the talent for training and teaching students to do beautiful nailart. You would not want that to happen to yourself.

Whether or not you have the chance to study with us at PinkRoom or not, we would hope for each and everyone of you out there, who has this inner passion inside your heart to start your career in nails, to find the BEST-est school for yourself and to have as much fun learning nails as we have teaching nails to you all. 

 Good luck in finding a nail school that is suitable for yourself~
If you would like to find out more about PinkRoom, feel free to call us any time at 
+65 62201592 to book an appointment with our friendly Course Consultants! 

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