Saturday, February 2, 2013

Theory lessons @ PinkRoom ~

Surprise Surprise!

If you thought that nails is only about the practical skills & techniques,
you are only half right!

It's not only about the technical skills that manicurist should master~ Pretty nails are important but there are more to just pretty! Every PRINA-nailist are trained theoretically to make sure that they full understand about our tiny finger nails.

 Our PinkRoom Principal Rachel Tang giving our girls one of the most important session in our Diploma Course. The knowledge and information on the topic of nails... also of course, tips on what to study for the theory exam! 

Rachel is probably the best person to talk about nails given her vast experiences in the nail industry! She has the most interesting nail-related stories to share! 

We were all engrossed by everything that Rachel taught us. Nobody expected so much information on a simple things like our nail, cuticles, diseases,etc. Each one of us was absorbing all the information, like a sponge! As if we were learning about something new. 

It was only after the first theory lesson that we realised that there are soooooo many things to learn! It was so interesting especially for nail lovers like us!!  All the initial uncertainties about not being able to catch up in class were replaced by nail stories and information.

Lessons were easy to understand as Rachel "customised" each lessons to the students in the class... language, speed, etc to fit the students in the class. Rachel has almost 20 years of teaching experience... she sure knows the best way to make learning fun! 

[psst~ did you know that Rachel was a Lecturer at Ngee Ann Polytechnic 
before she started PinkRoom?]

The knowledge learnt during each Theory module is essential and useful when providing professional nail advice to customers while working on them during each nail services. 

PRINA-nailists do not only know the steps to performing each nail service, we are all expected to know the "why?"s and the "how?"s... so that we would be able to answer any questions and queries our future customers might have. 

This is the level of Professionalism PinkRoom wants each of us to have.This also gives our customers more confidence in our nail services!

We have students sharing stories about how impressed their customers were when they talked about the professional names, knowledge and information about nails. One customer even mentioned that manicurists (at salons she had visited previously), were not as professional and detailed as our students who are doing home-based salons.

Remember, having technical skills may be essential, but having the correct knowledge is just as important. Be sure to go to nail technicians that are professional trained so that they will be prepared and confident to help you with any nail problem that you may have!

Take care girls!
 ~a live report by a

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