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PinkRoom@Nailympics Asia 2012, Seoul Korea

Weee~~ It was a super happy trip to the Nailympics Asia 2012 for the PinkRoom team as everyone who competed won a prize!! This is the FIRST Nailympics International Nail Competition in ASIA.

It was most student's first attempt competing in those category overseas; not to mention having to compete against so many competitors from Japan, Korea, Russia, Hong Kong, Italy and Ukraine. There were like 200 competitors for just some categories alone. 

Our journey started early in the morning with every one looking like pandas as most of us hardly slept the night before. Probably all of us were busy packing our luggage and stressing if we have packed all our tools that we need for the competition 

 Here's a group pix of the PinkRoom team with our many colourful luggages at Changi Airport~ together with Principal Rachel Tang, Master Educator Joe Chua 
and Senior Educator Nicole...

We had the back of the plane all to ourselves~!! We had the luxury to enjoy one row of seats per person as the plane was empty.


By the time we reached Seoul, Korea, it was dark and late. Thankfully, PinkRoom had arranged for transportation to the hotel. Else it would be chaotic with all the luggages. Most of our luggages were hitting the weight limit when we came. Which leaves us to almost zero space for shopping!

The mini bus to the hotel was so cute! It totally matches the PinkRoom theme.


Day two was Meet-the-models session. We were lucky to be able to arrange for this session prior to the competition day. This gives us time to prepare and get used to the model's hands before the actual day. 

This bonding & preparation session was very important to us! We have heard our fair shares of bad experiences with hand models, especially for competitions overseas. Such as having unsuitable nails for the category that you are competing, or arriving one hour prior to the competition with nail extensions still on! 

Being overseas means that we couldn't reach out for our phone and wished that a friend will rush over to your rescue. You are left with no choice but to make things work. 


We went back to the same cafe that we went in 2011 to meet our models. That cafe brought back many fond memories for those of us who was on the team in 2011! 

It was a unique experience to be able to do nails in a cafe like this. We didn't have to worry about the smell from the monomer (to do acrylic nails) as it was open air. The natural air was cool enough for us to practical our acrylic extensions.  


 Our dear Master Educator Joe Chua showed all of us one last demo to refresh our memories! *every one was too stressed out  *

Joe was busy going around giving last minute advise and tips to all the PRINAgals. He shared his competition experiences, secret tips and knowledge to all of us... making sure that all of us was ready. I guess that was why we were calm and confident in the competition! 


Haha! Our beautiful mess~~
Practising with our kawaii Angel Pro nail forms...



The day that every one was preparing for finally arrived. We had to head down early in the morning for registration. We freaked out when we saw how long the list of competitors were while registering.
Our first and probably only reaction was "SO MANY PEOPLE?! HOW TO WIN?!?!"


Still, we tried to look confident~ and kept in mind the training PinkRoom gave us~ 
we may not be the best, but still better than the rest!! 

We met up with our models, grab some bites, rushed to the toilet... and got ready for the cue to enter the hall.


Unlike previous years, it was an International Competition, the Nailympics this year... and the emcee spoken in English. Else we would not be able to understand a single word of Korean. Thankfully, our models were able to understand Korean and communicate to us in English/Mandarin thus we did not miss any important instructions.

The manicure competition was compulsory thus there were almost 200 people competing in the same Division and category as us!!


There were checks of the judges before the start of the competition...


Our PinkRoom Team~~


One of our PRINAgal even became a model for another of our PRINAgal~~ Haha!


So happy and proud for the PinkRoom Team for clinching all the medals!! We had proudly beat competitors from Korea, Japan, Russia, Hong Kong, Italy and Ukraine... That gives our  little red dot, Singapore some fame and glory! 

And of course, pride for PinkRoom, Rachel and Joe~ Haha!

For those who are not familiar with the nail industry, the Nailympics is the biggest International Nail Competition that was first held in the USA. This is the first time that it is held in Asia.

It is a big big deal for our team as we are the only Singapore team that managed to bring home so many awards!! 



Our team managed to clinched a total of 15 medals, including many top prizes -

First place 

Gel French Extension Div 2 
Gel French Extension Div 1

Second place 
Cover Nail Design Sculpture Div 1

Third place 
Gel Design Extension Div 2
Gel Design Extension Div 1

Fourth place 

Gel Manicuring (French-white) Div 2
Salon Nail Embellishment Div 1
One-tone Sculpture Div 1

Three cheers, big hugs & pat on our backs for our achievements! 


All of us were super excited to meet Nailympics Head Judge Lysa Comfort there. Lysa was invited by Rachel to Singapore for the Nailympics Nail Competition Training. 

Every one in the team took part in the training. Lysa's tips and tricks to look out for during the Nailympics competition must have played a part in our winnings!

Lysa gave the opening speech for the first Nailympics nail competition in Asia~


Authentic Korean BBQ for a celebration~!!
Principal Rachel & Master Joe must be the happiest of them all... to see all of us grow more and more professional in our skills and nail journey. 

Every one of us at the table below started our journey at PinkRoom with zero knowledge of what nail is about, it is an achievement looking back from our first day to being about to achieve our minute of fame on stage today... 


To me, it's a personal accomplishment as I had never had the courage to do what I did without the encouragement and mentor-ship of everyone at my school... 
From my classmates, PRINA school mates, PRINA educators to dearest-busy-yet-still-always-have-time-for-us-Principal..
Thank You!! Komapsumnida!! 고맙습니다!!

The strict yet loving environment of PinkRoom enabled me to discover my potential of who i can become; PinkRoom always throws all kinds of challenges before me to help me learn and grow to be the all-rounder that all PRINA graduates are today.
Thank You!! Kamsahamnida!! 감사합니다!!


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