Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Matryoshka dolls visited PinkRoom~

The Russian Dolls visited PinkRoom!!

Principal Rachel went to Russia some time back and brought back what Russia is famous for~ the Matryoshka Dolls! Each PinkRoom staff received one as souvenirs! 

We were so excited about it! Every time we thought it was the last "layer", we were surprised with an even smaller one! 
Don't people just love surprises?  


Ain't they cute? They have about 5 layers and it's just so enjoyable revealing the different layer knowing that there are more to anticipate! It somehow describes the warmness the PinkRoom wants their student to have during lessons! It's not about attaining a certification but to work together, having fun! And of course, exploring new "layers" together! Hmm...

Hahah~~ We were at the PinkRoom's counter one night after work... and decided to experiment something new! Rachel was sharing about how flash were made and we came up with this!

Tempted to use these as inspirations for your next nail art??

We went crazy and came up with different arrangements for the "photo taking session"~

We can't get enough of them!! 

Their expressions are so adorable! =D
Enjoy the day girls!

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