Saturday, January 5, 2013

Counting down to 2013 with PinkRoom!


An impromptu Countdown party happened at PinkRoom@IP on New Years Eve! 
Principal Rachel Tang, Master Educator Joe Chua, Senior Educator Nicole & the rest of the PinkRoom team were there as well!


It was a heartwarming night with KFC delivery, chips, some wine (more on that later)... and lot of laughter as we waited for 12 midnight to welcome 2013! 

This is probably the first time had a countdown party at PinkRoom@IP with some of our PRINAgals~ 
I might have mentioned this a million times on this blog before, but it is really warm & nice to see that the PRINAgals bond like family.

PinkRoom had became a big part of their lives.  Where girls of different family background, jobs, age... come together because of a common interest - N A I L S !


  Having a hard time opening the bottle of lady's wine....
because we did not have a corkscrew! *

After many failed methods, we finally managed to open it with a hammer & screwdriver 

* For show only~ LOL! Didn't want to clear up any mess!! *

 Principal Rachel Tang brought two bottles of Moscato champagne to the party~! 
In Rose Pink no less.... to match the PinkRoom pink pink festive spirit! 
*Pop* from the champagne to welcome 2013!!

And caviar she brought back from Russia to share with us! 
It was... a unique taste that not every one liked. Keke~


At the Midnight, we managed to see some fireworks from our Classroom!!!!!!

*taken from our PRINAgal's Instagram*

The night ended with supper with our Trainers at Xin Wang cafe~~ 
It was a long night with lots of stories & jokes... and a lot more that cannot be shared here!!! 
It was a great bonding experience for everyone of us and a great way to welcome 2013.


PinkRoom wishes every one of you a Happy 2013!
May this year be a wonderful year for all~

 To our PRINAgals, may all your businesses bloom! And customers be streaming in non-stop! 
Thank you so much for making 2012 a great year for us. Please continue to be part of 2013~~

For those who are still contemplating & procrastinating about joining PinkRoom, it's time to chase your dreams! You never know what you can achieve until you make the first move. 
 Book an appointment with our Consultants at +65 62201592~ 


~a live report by a kawaii

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