Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A mini birthday celebration at PinkRoom!

It was one of the PRINAgal's birthday some time ago.
And her loving classmates planned a birthday surprise for her~
Haha! One of those things that girls love to do! 

 Happy birthday PRINAgal!
Wish you success in everything you do! Good luck!=D
Sweet smile from the birthday girl! Enjoy your day!

Birthday girl shy? from flash or someone pranking on her! Have fun!!

Our fun-loving Senior Educator Nicole taking picture with the birthday girl! 
Creating fond memories of their journey in PinkRoom~

Make a good wish and we will all pray for you that it will come true!

Look at the serious side of her! So different from the above image! Haha!!

It's never a strict strict lesson basis! Looks like everyone is having fun! It's a good thing!

Individual pics coming up! Lets all take a photo with her =D
Smile!!!Nice to have close friends within your class.

The class went out for a meal to celebrate this special day! 

Having fun in class makes everyone love the lessons more! Open up to people and everyone will benefit from it!=D Looking at them, having fun and enjoying the process! 
Once again, Happy birthday!

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