Saturday, June 30, 2012

PRINA Certificate Examination June 2012

PinkRoom Bi-monthly Certificate Examination was held in June at our Campus. There was a bigger group this time round as our School is now registered with the Council for Private Education (CPE) and students are under a strict rule to sit for their exam within a time frame after completing their course. 

The PinkRoom Certificate exams are especially important as it is very stringent in its marking criteria and high standard. This is to ensure that all students who qualifies are of the highest international standards for all their future endeavors locally or internationally. Upon passing the examination, the student will achieve their Professional Certificate Qualifications.

Like all PRINA Certificate  Examinations, the day started very early for everyone! After registration at the counter, students prepare to enter the examination hall. Students were only allowed to bring their personal basket in to the examination hall. Imagine the anxiety and tension along our corridor! 


To ease the tension, some gathered their models and classmates to take photos! In the morning pitch-darkness... All the PRINA gals had their hair tied up neatly, donning Pink Room's pink apron, all ready for their Professional Manicure Certificate Examination.


After all the examinees had entered the Examination hall, the models gathered inside the school to get ready for their call to enter.

Meanwhile, it was another round of frenzy in the examination hall, as the manicurists set up their tables, while Principal Rachel Tang goes around to grade their table set-up. The manicurists are briefed on what they would be tested on and time duration they were given for their examination.


The Manicurist Examination started after the models settled down at their allocated seats. Our Principal Rachel would go around the examination hall to invigilate and grade the manicurists based on their steps, skills, and final work etc..


After the Manicurist exam, the girls gathered their classmates for an informal class picture! It is heart-warming to see that these girls bond and became good friends, to share tips, and provide support for one another throughout their learning journey.

Some of their classmates, who were not sitting for this round of examination came to gives their support by volunteering to be the hand-models for the exam. Such is the PinkRoom spirit of sharing!!  Some even came as a "stand-by" model in case there is any model who couldn't make it at the last minute.


Student with Joe Chua, Pink Room's Master educator. These girls have great admiration and respect for our teachers and hopes to have skills like them one day! 

The School was in a chaotic state once the models were graded and allowed to leave the Examination hall! Some of students started removing their model's nail polishes, doing last minute preparation for the extension exam, while others were busy reading up on their notes for the Theory examination.


The Theory Examination took part in the afternoon. As PinkRoom is a professional nail academy, it is important for our students to have the correct knowledge about nails. Students are tested on the nail anatomy, different nail shapes etc... which allows the students to use the correct terms and names in class, and when providing nail services to their customers.

Students were tested on their Extensions techniques as well. Every student knows that PinkRoom is very famous for our nail extensions. The school has won many awards in many nail competitions for that! They put in extra efforts to practice to do well for the exams so as not to disappoint their teachers! 

Prior to the examinations, many students were in school practising diligently. The school allows our students to practice in school during their free time. This will allow students to be able to check with the teacher if they face any problems.


After the time is up, our Principal Rachel and Master Educator Joe will grade their works. They are graded professionally, every aspect of the nail is checked very thoroughly. Especially since Rachel is a professional judge in International Competitions, and Joe is an multiple-award winner in renown International Competitions! And with many many many years of experience in the nail industry, they know exactly what to look out for 

Each Professional Certificate is valued and highly sought after, knowing that PinkRoom has very high standards for our students and the examiners are very strict in marking. A lot of practise, hard work, time and efforts are put in by our students to uphold the good name and standard of our academy  


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~a live report by a kawaii