Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Student's Study-Log @PinkRoom : Lesson One

A Student's Study-Log @PinkRoom - Ivy [SIN11-xx9J]
Student since October 2011.


Lesson One

Yea! I am real excited about going for my Naily Class. 
sorry guys, was too tired to blog on Thurs, and I decide to blog after taking some nice pic during the weekend. So here it is...

I expect class after work will be tiring. And first lesson is on THEORY!
Pure theory for 3 hours. But i did not even yawn ! Guess because i was still excited about going back to school.
I was surprise by the number of the students in the class. All along I thought the class schedule was delay due to insufficient students. But I was shocked when a whole 18-20 gals turn up~!

For a Diploma course, it consist of 6 modules/topics. And each exam consist of both theory and practical. I hate theory. Seriously.

This is e "student kit" for this first module. I was quite impressed as this is quite a complete set. 

Actually I was quite worried about first module - the professional manicurist certificate.
We will learn all the basic; everything of naily and how to cut/shape naily for others. This is something which hold me back from doing nail for others. Because i'm scare to cut others naily.
Think i need to grab some white mice in few weeks time.

Notebook and documents for assignments

As a ice breaker, there was a short introduction for the class, and we were to say out what's the reason we took up this course. Some for passion, some going to open a Salon, some planning home-based salon.. 

Mine intention was home-based salon. Its not a bad idea to do something you fancy and earn some extra allowance during the weekend. Well, hopes everything turn out well.

In the PINKROOM academy, just like its name, everything was in PINK. What will be my home-based salon color palette in future... hmmm... 


Friday, February 24, 2012

Gold Prize Win in Indonesia!!

PinkRoom participated in COSMOBEAUTE Indonesia International Nail Compeition last October. 
It was a grand event in Indonesia as nail technicians from all over Indonesia and neighbouring countries would travel down to this beauty fair to take part in the nail competition. Many may not be aware but the nail industry in Indonesia is actually very happening. They do pretty nail art, and also nail extensions! There are many salons that specialises in Japanese kawaii nailart too...

Our Senior Educator, Nicole took part in the Nail Extensions category. Most of the other contestants were from Indonesia. Some of them are experienced technicians in Salons...
It was Nicole's first time participating in the nail competition in Indonesia and she managed to clinched the GOLD PRIZE for the NAIL EXTENSION CATEGORY!!!
YIPPEE to our SENIOR EDUCATOR Nicole and our MASTER EDUCATOR, JOE CHUA's competition training techniques!!

 BIG CONGRATULATIONS TO NICOLE for placing the top prize~! 

 Nicole won a hamper full of nail products, a plaque and 2.5 million Rupiah in cash!!!
The culture for the nail competition is slightly different as those in Hong Kong and Korea. The prizes are Gold, Silver and Bronze instead of the usual first, second and third. And there was cash prizes and product hampers on top of the winning plaque!!

Photos credited to

There was also a Fantasy Nail Art Category for the competition. The theme was “Save the Planet”. For Fantasy Nail Art Category, contestants are judged on their overall look, not only the nails... Which means that using materials that is recycled to create the final look will also gives them additional points! 
The outfits that the contestants did were all very over-the-top and futuristic. Most of them had their face painted and was wearing very creative outfits. It was very different as compared to those we saw in Korea and Hong Kong. It was very fun to watch!

Once again~~ Congrats to our senior educator NICOLE! 

Check out more of Pink Room Competition Winnings Photos *here*!! 

Monday, February 20, 2012

A Student's Study-Log @PinkRoom : I going to be a STUDENT !!

A Student's Study-Log @PinkRoom - Ivy [SIN11-xx9J]
Student since October 2011.


I going to be a STUDENT !!


I just received a confirmation via phone call for e naily class schedule. 
(FYI for peeps that are not aware, I enrolled in the PINKROOM Nail Academy for Diploma in Professional Nail Technology) 

Class will be starting this Thursday! Wahoo!!
E school admin is kinda slow but overall the PINKROOM do have quite good reputation & review in e nail technology teaching industry. After gradated from poly, it had been quite some time since i left school. Thinking about going back to school, starts to give me butterflies in my tummy now. But I do look forward to it. So much.
Think it's first time I feel so excited about going to "school" ! Haha!

A sketch book for drawings, and a notebook for naily class.
Both lovely books are xmas presents given by my wonderful babes - Jasmine & Meiling. 
Perfect ! 

e notebook (from TYPO) has lovely tiff blue colored cover on e outside, and beautiful vintage prints inside. I will show more when i take notes next time


Friday, February 10, 2012



NEXT CERTIFICATE EXAM DATE~下届考日期~試験日: 11 March 2012 Sunday. 

~Please refer to BLOG TAB under PRINA EXAMS for details on examination dates.~ 


 11 MARCH 2012 SUNDAY 
下届考日期~ 3112012 周日

Pink Room @ Int'l Plaza [Tanjong Pagar]
试地点:Pink Room @ 凯联大厦 [丹戎巴葛]
試験会場ピンク ルームインターナショナル プラザ
所在地: 10 アンソン ロード1506, インターナショナル プラザシンガポール 079903

: 201233 [土曜日

试报名地点: Pink Room @ 凯联大厦 [丹戎巴葛]
申込場所: 10 アンソン ロード1506, インターナショナル プラザ, S(079903) シンガポール。
Please bring along your student ID & self study card to register for your Exam.

詳細は お電話

 +65-6348 1592 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Kawaii Melody Nailart workshop

Here's some pix from the Melody-Pro Nailart workshop last Saturday. The girls had lots of fun learning the kawaii Nailart~ 

I'm amazed!!!

I was amazed because the girls only started on the Melody Head in the late afternoon, and they were able to produced the nailart themselves in just after 2+ hours of teaching & hands on. Principal Rachel, managed to teach everyone in such a way that everyone was able to actually make Melodys that are so Kawaii!! ... in 2+ hours!! 


Principal Rachel, went round to each student individually after the demo session and re-demo to each girls one by one... I think she made every girl a My Melody to take home as a sample to learn and practice after class!! Such detailed teaching...( T.T)/  


My own afterthoughts.....


I had many afterthoughts following this workshop... I guess i was comparing it with my own experience while attending a similar Kitty Melody Nailart class. I was envious of the nailart that the girls managed to do at the end of this workshop even thought some of them were new to using the acrylic system... 
Just thought to share my own thoughts based on my own personal experience... before I signed up with PinkRoom, I actually went to a similar type of workshop overseas conducted by a Japanese teacher.

I was really excited about going for the workshop as it was my first time taking a nail course overseas. However, upon reaching the venue, I realised that maybe my expectations were too high! There was so many people in my class, I was unable to see the demo by the trainer. We had to crowd around the small table while trying to get a best view during the short demo session... and of course after the demo, the trainer was not able to attend to us individually to demo to each and everyone of us at our table. She might be tired or there was a language barrier... 

By the late afternoon of the second day, we had not learn anything on Kitty or Melody. The trainer managed to squeeze in the last few hours to demo & show us the steps to do the Hello Kitty and My Melody design. I had no idea why she taught the 2 most important designs in the last few hours of our 2 day course. Maybe she didn't have enough time as the class was too big? Or she had to spilt the class into two groups & demo twice? Or too much time was spent translating? I do not know which... But I know that there wasn't any time for us to hands on to do the Melody nailart after the demo. 

I guess for trainers who are invited from overseas to teach locally, it is a norm to have to teach such a huge number of students per class. I guess it would makes no sense to have a small class when the organizers had to pay for all the trainer's expenses to come over. I never thought of this point before i joined the class. 

My main reason for joining the class was that the trainer was not local, she was from Japan! I guess most of the people there jumped at this chance since Japan is famous for their kawaii nailart. This is another point I over-looked. The Japanese Trainer taught everything in Japanese... with a translator. I felt that most of the important pointers were lost in translation. As there were people from all over the world attending the same class, a lot of the time was wasted on translating from Japanese to their local language to  English. At the end, I feel that I didn't learn as much as I thought I would, coz I was still unable to produce the nailart taught during class. Given the price that I'd paid, it was quite disappointing. I paid a big lump sum for the 2-day nailart workshop, not including my air tickets, lodging and food etc... The amount of money i spent on these overseas classes, is nearly triple of what the price of PinkRoom's Kawaii Nail Art Workshops. (Mainly from the hidden cost involved before and after the workshop).

Apart from the language barrier, I realised that I did not have any one to turn to after the workshop. For example, when I was doing a particular nailart, and I couldn't get it right, I had to try and try again to figure it myself. As I reflect and compare, students from PinkRoom could facebook message Rachel any time after the workshop... She answers each and every questions and would comment on their nailart or give encouragement for them to improve on...  The classes are always kept at a class size that the trainer can manage, usually after the demo each student would also get a one-to-one demo and correction at her desk throughout the class session. 

One thing I really must point out is the amount of experience Principal Rachel have in the field of teaching. She seemed to be able to teach even the most "stupid" of us girls in the class... I think it's because she had been in the education line & teaching forever (she was teaching in a local polytechnic for years prior to PinkRoom); she has her way of explaining to let us understand how to achieve that nailart technique. She has different ways of teaching different girls, maybe as we all have different levels of comprehension and "stupid-ness"... Also, I think she is mega-patient... anyone else would most probably just vomit blood and die on the spot with all our cute "dumbness"... hahahaaa!! 

I've come to realise that it doesn't mean that overseas trainers are better, nor does it mean that you will learn more stuff just because it's more expensive. Ultimately, it's how skilled the trainer is in the profession of teaching, and how willing the trainer is to teach, and how much she cares and wants to share more than your course fees. 

 I'm sharing my personal experience cause I've been to both different workshops - overseas and  PinkRoom's. And I saw a vast difference in the attention given and how much i had learnt from each. Thanks for reading my thoughts!! 

Signing off,
~a kawaii

Read more about the previous Kitty Desserts Nailart workshop & 
more blog entries on similar classes by PRINA.Club.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


With the next Kawaii Melody Pro Nail art workshop coming up, I thought it would be a good time to blog about our last workshop by PRINA.Club.

The last workshop was the KITTY DESSERT NAILART WORKSHOP!
It is everyone's favourite character and we had two classes due to popular response.
The workshop this time round is different from the previous Kitty workshop. We taught cutesy desserts like ice cream, donut etc since festive seasons were round the corner!!

The workshop was taught by our Principal, Rachel Tang~ Rachel has been teaching for many years now, and is more than experienced to teach you gals, the secret techniques to create these cutesy nailart that are used in Japan! After all, she is probably the only Japan Level 1 Licensed Nailist from JNA in Singapore.

The day started with Rachel sharing the nailart she created and what the students will be able to achieve at the end of the workshop. With these kawaii images in mind, everyone was excited and ready to absorb all that she had to share that afternoon! 

Not only did she painstakingly repeat the little points to note when creating the desserts, she also touched on color combinations to use. You might not realise, but the color choices are very important and will affect the overall look. Students were given the secret recipes, what color numbers combinations to use, detailed technical step by steps! Super!! 

At PinkRoom's workshop, you'll make every cents worth as the trainers willing share and teach every little pointers you'll need to know to create the prefect nailart... from proportions, to colors, to positioning and which product to use and how to control the product ~

Rachel will patiently check and correct every student's work as they progress to more advance nailart by the end of the day. Every student managed to hands on and tried doing the desserts that were taught. Apart of the practical, Rachel had theory to teach students the proportions of the nailarts.

The workshops were sponsored by Angel.Pro, Charisma and 1Q32. 
The students used the PASTEL and TRADITIONAL colors from Charisma, and 
SUNSHINE RAINBOW SERIES and YUMMY PASTEL SERIES from Angel.Pro to create the kawaii nailart.


A group pix for keepsake~! Check out the happy faces~ though tired after spending the whole day here! With no break~ as everyone wanted to make full use of every minute in class  

With hard-working students like this, PinkRoom is more than happy to hold more of such workshops in the future! It beats having to travel overseas to learn kawaii nailart as you'll need to pay more and still, the trainers are not as patience and detailed as our trainers. That's only because our trainers teach for the welfare of students! And want to take make sure that every student learn and archive.

See what some of the students had to say! 


For updates on future workshops, do follow us on Facebook.
The next upcoming workshop is the MELODY-PRO Nailart Class~!
Do click on the posters below for more information...


Signing off,
~a kawaii