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Master Educator Joe - Winner of Winners

Following Joe's win at the Nailympics 2011 in USA, our Master Educator JOE CHUA once again brought pride to SingaporeThe PinkRoom Int'l Nail Academy and himself. Joe won 5 medals at the Nailympics Competition USA 2012 in Long Beach, California.


The competition was held in June 2012 in the USA with competitors hailing from all over the world.  

For the unaware, Nailympics International Nail Competition is one of the largest nail competition in the industry. The first Nailympics Competition is traced way back to 2001 in USA. In the past decade, Nailympics has organised competitions in other countries such as Italy and London. 

 Professional nail technicians from different countries gathered to compete for the prestigious Winner of Winners award. 

To qualify for Winners of Winners award, one must compete in at least 4 of the 6 hands on competition. Winners will be determined on Top 4 scores of the 6 competitions only. Ultimatelyamong ALL the competitors, there will only be ONE Winner of Winners for each Division. Which means that the competitor needs to win in a category in other to get the highest marks to attain the Winner of Winners award.


French nail extensions may seem to the most basic of nail extensions but looks are deceiving. In International Professional Nail Competitions such as the Nailympics, the French nail extensions are the ones that will truly put one's skills to the test. Competitors are judged on the shape of the nail extensions, the smile line, length, etc. 

These details may be oblivious to the untrained eye but any imperfections will reveal themselves in front of the experienced judges. Even "new" students of PinkRoom will not be able to see the flaws until they have attended more lessons and taught what to look out for and understand the desirable nail shape to achieve in competitions.


Our dear Shi-fu (Master) Joe competed in the Division 3 (Masters), a category for Masters, in other words the highest level category where the competitors are all winners! In Nailympics, competitors are categorized into Division 1, 2 and 3. Division 1 (Novice) is for students and professionals who have not participated in  any national or international competitions.  Division 2 (Veterans) is for second and third prize winners in national/international competitions or first prize winner in Division 1Division 3 is for first prize winner of national/ internationally-recognized competitions and competitors who are crowned the winner of winners for Division 2.  

Now you can see how many "barriers" one must cross to compete in Division 3
And from there compete against professionals of the same calibre.

The standards were very high since he has to compete against these winners and also because its one of the biggest nail competition in the world.

The Nailympics had been recognized by many as the top contest industry so one can imagine the fierce competition and strict judging! The ranking of top nail competitors in the world are based on points awarded based on their achievements in recognized competitions. The Nailympics is one of them!  As such, winners from USA, Korea and other countries would partake in the Nailympics to vie for the top prize and also to boost their world ranking.

Joe competed in 4 categories & won top prizes for ALL 4 categories, crowding him the 
 Winner of Winners 
for Division 3 for the MASTERS!!!

1st Place 
Acrylic French Sculpture Division 3
Tip Overlay Division 3

2nd Place 
Gel Open Division 3
Stiletto Nailart Division 3 

Joe is the FIRST & only competitor from Singapore that was crowded the Winner of Winners in the history of The Nailympics since 2001! Some of the big names in the world nail industry such as Seo Sang Mi (Director of Creative Technology for the Korea Association of Nail Knowledge Services and judge of several international competitions) are fellow winner of winners in the Nailympics in the previous years.


So proud to see his name up there! Joe's the pride of PinkRoom! 

It made every one in PinkRoom so happy!! & of course, all of the PRINAgals are so proud that he is our Master Shi-fu~! 


Some snapshots of the lovely Pine Ave, Long Beach where the competition was held. Another beautiful memory and unforgettable experience for Joe and Rachel!


It would most likely be a surprise for non-PRINA students that right here in Singapore, we have top nail talents such as Joe who is able to fight on par in world-class competitions and emerge victorious. 

It is a blessing for all PRINA students who are able to receive his tutelage! The knowledge and techniques they have acquired from their PinkRoom lessons can arm them well enough to be labelled a professional! 

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