Saturday, December 22, 2012

Happy Classroom Memories~~

Welcome to one of the practical lessons at PinkRoom!

Senior Educator Nicole is giving a demonstration on the manicure technique! Hope everyone is coping well! I bet they would understand better during hands on session. 
You never try, you never know! 

Struggling to master the right method? Don't worry! Nicole is moving around the class to tutor each student personally. After all, it takes time to master a skill. Keep it up everyone! 

It is important for students to know the correct method/ techniques... And the only way to make sure that they are doing it right, is having the trainers to look over them in class and correct their mistakes on the spot. 

After attending class, you'll be surprised by all the steps that you have been doing wrongly all your life! And maybe even unknowingly damaging your own nails with methods you thought was the right way... it's time to be professionally trained! Say "Hello" to pretty & healthy nails!!

Getting a hang of it~~

Looks like she is enjoying and yet puzzled if she is doing it correctly. 
Just love her expression=) You can do it! 

Ending it off with a sweet smile from the lovely classmates.
 Classes might be overloaded with information. 
Anyhow, practice makes perfect! Endure Girls! 

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