Thursday, November 15, 2012

Happy Birthday to our Senior Educator Nicole!

It's our Senior Educator Nicole's birthday week and we had mini parties in school to celebrate her birthday! The PRINAgals secretly planned a surprise for her~ they prepared cakes and cupcakes in the classroom... and called Nicole in to the classroom on pretext of checking their work! 

Hehe! As usual, our dear white board became the party's backdrop! This time, it had a kawaii anime drawing of Nicole, with the heart-warming words...

  Happy Birthday to our Beloved NICOLE  

*** shhhh... a woman's age is always a secret! Just one candle will do... ***

A birthday cake specially ordered for Nicole! And yummy cupcakes! Every year, the second week of November is the most "happening" as graduated students will come back to school with a little cake just to wish Nicole "Happy Birthday"!

Master Educator Joe Chua joined in the party!!~~ 


More photos of the birthday girl with our Course Consultant & the PRINAgals....


Join the big PinkRoom family today! 

~a live report by a kawaii

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