Monday, November 5, 2012

A Student's Study-Log @PinkRoom : Nailympics Asia 2012 Competition (I'm Back!)

A Student's Study-Log @PinkRoom - Veron [SIN08-xxxx]
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Monday, 5 November, 2012

woohoo... I didn't know  how much I missed singapore food until I got back. I had a pretty unforgettable trip though. Its so cold in Seoul, the wind, they seem to blow through your spines. kaka.

Our group photo before checking our luggage in. There with my eyes close, what the heck. Let me introduce my sister, hazel, in black with specs, she is my amazing model, standing right beside me. Thank you for taking out your time despite your busy schedule to practice. Muacks. 


Felt bored in the plane, we did a little camwhore..keke...Master Joe, my very first and most respected teacher, was pulled into the pic. The great difference between smile and not smile in front of the camera. oops...

The sky, looking at it when you are up high. I cannot explain thoughts that run through my mind. What will you be thinking of it if you are looking at yourself?


After a not too long and not too short of 6 hours flight. Took a bus and arrived at the hotel. This hotel is located in 176-1 Jamsibon-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea. It's called David Hotel. They do have amazing set up for the hotel rooms. Probably I was too tired and hungry. I totally forgot to take a pic of the hotel room. 

At about 1 am korea time, we took a few minutes walk down the streets looking for food to ease our grumbling tummy. Dada...this shop sell super nice noodles soup. I did not realise they have a website until I posted this. Its just right there on the left top number provided too! If you are there, you can give it a try. You can choose your soup base with a mild spicy, medium spicy to super duper spicy!!! Dare to challenge it? Not me though..kakak..mine is only medium and steam travels from my nostrils to my ears.

Back at hotel we are dead tired. However, I couldn't get go sleep. Unpacking and getting ready to meet my manicuring red model in the morning. The next day was all about waiting for models, prep their nails, and special training with master Joe. I was too engrossed into that and did not take any pictures of it..keke..sorry...

On the actual day of the competition, which is 26th october, friday, we arrived at COEX, I did not manage to take more photos as the palce was in chaos and so is my mind. First time i see that much of competitors, in a hall. I couldn't calm myself down. However, I did manage to snap some mixed media arts done by some of the competitors end of the day. Nice aren't they? I shall prepare myself to take part in this category someday. Their work amazed me.

Let me introduce my model for my manicuring red, Nicky.. I have no problem communicating with her simply because she's bilingual, mandarin, cantonese and even korean! She was very helpful, kept talking to me, telling me not to be nervous asking me questions. But I just wouldn't calm down. I guess she gave up though..kaka..After finishing that manicure competition, I have to pack up my things and shift to another allocated seat and prepare set-up for my one-tone sculpture. Did not have time to take pictures though..Time was so tight.

I took a picture for the one-sculpture on my sister's hand. I wasn't satisfied. I find flaws all around. I told myself I'm here for experience. At least I tried my best. I tried to get over it and prepare myself for the next day's competition. Cover nail design sculpture-stiletto. 

I couldn't sleep when we were back in hotel. I did a last practice on this design. Because I was never able to finish it in time during practice. I was always 1 to 2 mins late to finish it. Design is pretty easy I know. But, for my standard now, I did not want to make it more complicated. I'm aware of my own capabilities. This is the best I could produce for now. I was very surprised myself that I could finish it in time. Probably I used drills to speed up the filing and I never did so during practice. I am just very happy I made it in time. I did not expect more.

We did some photo taking while we were awaiting anxiously for the results. Thereafter, I was sitting at a corner, EMO.....kaka...Emo because I felt really tired. My mind, it just uncontrollably went blank.

Long awaited results finally out.keke..
Manicuring red - Technique place
One-tone sculpture - Fourth place
One-tone design sculpture - Second place
I Wasnt satisfied with the pictures taken at coex with my shagged face holding the medals hehe..I went back to hotel and took more... 
 We went to many places after our competition. Myeondong, Dongdaemum, folks village, teddy bear museum we even watched the NANTA show....kakak..we had fun and joyful trip!

Back to camwhore at the airport before coming back to Singapore. It is a memory I could never forget. Its a fruitful trip for me. It is time to work and create another......hehe...

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