Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pink October~ Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Support PINK this October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month~

Being part of a female-dominated nail industry, PinkRoom sees women of all ages walking in and out of our academy door every single day! As such, we see the need to raise awareness as females are at a higher risk of developing breast cancer.
Dear girls, please share your knowledge with everyone around you~ Your Mom, grandma, aunts, sisters, daughters, cousins, girlfriends... Remember early detection will prevent painful treatments & even death! 

It is important to do regular check ups. Perform self-examinations to see if there are any unusual bumps and lumps. Most breast lumps turn out to be benign (not cancerous). Please consult a doctor if you feel anything unusual! Do not feel shy, or hope that it will go away with time. 

There is an urgent need to make people aware about the breast cancer as it has been taking toll over millions of women. Every year, many women succumb to death because of late diagnosis. Early diagnosis is the only way of getting breast cancer cured.

In support of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October, we have compiled all the PINK nail art done by our students with the Angel Pro Gelly Polish!


Side-track: Yes! Angel Pro has many pretty shades of PINK~! 
The Gelly Polish does not smudge, shrink or change in colour after curing, which makes it our favourite gel to do detailed gel nail art!  

Some facts about breast cancer in Singapore:

- Most common cancer among women in Singapore 
(about 3 in 10 cancers occuring in Singaporean women is breast cancer)

- 1 in 17 women develops breast cancer in her lifetime

- Most prevalent in women age 50 years to 59 years in Singapore

Risk factors:

- Age: The risk of developing breast cancer increases with age.

- Personal history of breast cancer: The risk increases if the woman had breast cancer previously in one breast.

- Family history of breast cancer in first degree relatives such as mother, sister or daughter.

- Genetic predisposition: About 5-10% of breast cancers are inherited. Defects in genes such as BRCA1 or BRCA2 increase the risk of developing breast, ovarian and colon cancers.

- Radiation exposure to chest in childhood or adolescence.

- Early onset of menses and late menopause.

- Hormone replacement therapy with a combination of estrogen and progesterone for four or more years.

- Birth control pills: Use of pills for four years or more is associated with an increased risk of breast cancer.

- Alcohol intake: Excessive consumption of alcohol (one alcoholic beverage per day) increases the risk of developing breast cancer by 20%.

Read more about Breast Cancer on Singapore Cancer Society's website.

~a live report by a kawaii

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