Friday, October 26, 2012

Nailympics Asia 2012 happening today!

Super excited about the Nailympics Asia nail competition as it is the first Nailympics in Asia. The competition is held in Seoul Korea. We saw competitors from Japan, Russia, Hong Kong, Italy and Ukraine.... and of course Korea. 

The big competition hall and international competitors made all of us very worried... especially since Japan and Korea was very well-known for their perfect nails!

*hmmm... a clearer pix will be posted up soon! this was taken by our iPhone~

It was an eye-opening event as it was much much bigger than any of the competition our students took part in in the past. There were a whole panel of International Judges from Japan, Korea, Switzerland, Denmark, Ukraine, Russia, Italy, Hong Kong and our Principal Rachel Tang representing Singapore. Head judge Lysa Comfort presides to ensure fair and just judging for this prestigious international competition event...

Gambatte PinkRoom team!! 
Let's bring home lots of prize and do our PinkRoom, Rachel and Joe proud!

~a live report by a kawaii from Seoul, Korea~

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