Saturday, October 6, 2012

Happy Classroom Memories~~

Laughter never fail to be heard from the classroom when classes are going on. 

You'll always be able to tell if a "new" or "old" class is going on. You'll hear the occasional giggles on the first day of class. After weeks had passes, those shy giggles would have turned into loud thunderous laughter! Hahaha!

Classes are so much more fun with friends to learn with you.


 Here's some photos taken in class~~ when every one's concentrating to learn what our trainers just taught... too busy to poke fun, and create jokes with their classmates... occasionally making harmless jokes at the mistakes they make


A peek at our classroom on a regular sunny afternoon~~ 
Classes are kept to less than 20 students to ensure that our trainers are able to concentrate on every one. And that there will be enough students for every one to practice on each other to get a feel of what it's like to do different nail shapes and sizes.

Everyone has a different role in the class~ the motherly one, the cute one, the playful one, the demure one... everyone is unique, yet able to bond and grow together. 

It is a common scene to see them comment on Facebook that they are looking forward to class. They even gather to come back to school for practice! And yes of course, this gives them support and encouragement throughout the learning journey with PinkRoom... and someone to "lend a helping hand", literally, for practice!

Here's a happy group pix with Master Educator JOE CHUA and Senior Educator NICOLE
with a great view from our 15th floor unit!


Not forgetting the surprise birthday parties! 


... and lunches~~ 


~a live report by a kawaii

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