Saturday, September 29, 2012

To Malaysia for Seafood~

The PinkRoom team drove up to Malaysia on one fine evening earlier this year for SEAFOOD FEAST! Super excited cause it was our first Malaysia trip together!

It seems that this restaurant by the sea is always fully book, and the seafood is out of stock very quickly. Thus we had to make an early reservations.


Reservations were done by our dear Senior Educator Nicole~ We reached the kelong in the evening, after the sunset. It was a long dark drive in to the kelong, yet there were many families who travelled all the way in just for seafood. It must have been worth the drive!

Here's our Principal Rachel Tang, Master Educator Joe Chua... 
Thank you for organising this outing! One of the perks to be in the PinkRoom team are the yummy meals and fun outings! Hehe ^^

Check out the huge array of seafood that was available for us to choose from. There were many seafood that we hardly see in Singapore. The sea cockles were HUGE! It was amazing as the prices were so much lower as compared to a seafood meal in Singapore.


We had crabs cooked in many different ways~ prawns almost as big as our plates, our all time favourite the sambal kang kong, satay, otak, shellfish....... it was a feast! Cause we are like family, we all digged in with our hands and manicured nails, without caring how messy we look!


Fruits shopping by the roadside stall. Fruits were so fresh and sweet... All of us bought bags of them home to shared with our family.

Look at all the colours! Are you inspired to do some fruit-themed nailart already?

The night ended with drinks at the coffeeshop~~

As expected, conversations about NAILS never ever leave our table! Our Master Educator Joe Chua~~ being the professional trainer that he is, started to correct our extensions... he is definately a true-blue Master Educator delicated to teaching!

Big big to PinkRoom for taking such good care of us!

~a live report by a kawaii

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