Saturday, September 1, 2012

A peek into a day in PinkRoom~ Surprise birthday party!!

A peek into a normal day studying at Pink Room~

It was one of our PRINAgal's birthday last week, & her loving classmates prepared a mini surprise birthday party for her before class starts! So sweeeet! 

It's not all work & no play in school! All PRINAgals bonded so well with their classmates that they are inseparable! This must be one of the Pros of having classmates and learning in a group! From zero knowledge about nails, they learn & grow together in PinkRoom. Having support of your classmates makes learning less stressful, definitely more fun & of course, you'll gain much more throughout your learning journey from your classmates' various nail types to practice on!

We'll start this entry with a super cute group photo with everyone smiling soooo happily!! 
This is definitely one of our favourite photo!!

Behind the scene... before the birthday girl arrived. Everyone came slightly earlier to prepare and waited for the birthday girl to arrive. There was a loud cheer followed by the birthday song & laughters as soon as she entered the classroom.

Our classroom's whiteboard became a convenient backdrop for the party! The girls displayed their other talents... some drew... some bake...! One of them baked yummy cupcakes for everyone!




The birthday girl with our Trainers~ JOE & NICOLE! Joe even gamingly posed for the camera! PRINAgals know that their trainers & PinkRoom is always here for them... be it correcting their works, or giving advice & help 


Often, we hear thunders of laughters coming out of the classroom! Learning becomes so much more fun! Self-practices in school, being each other's models for practice, having dinners together, group Whatsapp to update & share about nails, family, work, boyfriends, everything! Its like gaining a whole group of sisters! 

A happy happy group photo~ Moments & photos like these creates fond precious memories of their learning journey in PinkRoom!   All the PRINAgals in their PinkRoom aprons~~ even the cake box is "PinkRoom-pink"!


 A crazy fun candid group pix with the whole class & trainers.  

Everyone had a good laugh while taking the group photos, trying to coordinate & get everyone to pose! 


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