Thursday, August 23, 2012

Nailympics Competition Training by Lysa Comfort Part 2 (Drill)

Day 2 & 3 was on training on how to use the Drill for doing nail services and competitions. The Drill machine will help us to save a lot of time and of course, energy to shape the nail extensions.

All nailists out there should know how tedious it is to have to file the nail extensions manually... here's the answer to your woes! 

Lysa is the best person to learn about drilling as she is the Guru for Drill!!

Day 2 started with Lysa sharing with us about the different types of drill bits & uses...


Watch the Guru in action~~!! Lysa gave very clear in her teachings. 


Hands on time! We were all very excited as it was the first time that we actually used the drill for so many different techniques. It was quite intimidating at first as the drill bit was moving very quickly. Many of us were afraid of hurting our partner's hands. But thankfully, no injuries were reported!! 

But the end of the training, all of us were holding the drill like a PRO! And had managed to get the hang of it. We could use the drill for many different uses and to create pretty nails in shorter time, and less effort.


We had lots of fun experimenting what the Drill machine can do. Lysa was around the whole time, so we did not have to worry~~ the Drill Machine would be our handy helper when doing nails!! It is a great skill & knowledge to master.


Ending the day with the Certificate Award ceremony with Lysa and Rachel~~
Each student received a certificate for attending the class.

Thank you Lysa for the class~ and PinkRoom for arranging this special class! It was really beneficial for every nailist. 


Ending this post with a pix of Lysa & Rachel~~

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