Thursday, August 23, 2012

Nailympics Competition Training by Lysa Comfort Part 1

The Nailympics Competition Training by Lysa Comfort was a success! Every student commented that they have learnt a lot during the three day training. And was thankful to Lysa Comfort for sharing her knowledge and expertise with us. This training definitely helped every participants to improve their nail skills and techniques. 

Here's some photos taken during the training...

Day 1 started with a briefing by Principal Rachel Tang and our trainer for the next 3 days~ Head Judge of Nailympics Competition Lysa Comfort.

Lysa also shared about how the international proclaimed Nailympics competition came about. And shared stories about the competitions that had happened in many countries all over the world.

One best line she shared with us, was what she said to a competitor who asked about the chances of winning. Lysa replied,
"You only have one person to worry about.
He's from Singapore. He's Joe."

Yes! JOE CHUA, our dear Master Educator!!


Everyone's excited to start the hands-on session!! 
All geared up with their face masks and aprons!


Lysa went round the class to make sure that every one understands what is taught. And corrected each student individually. The corrections and constructive advice helped each student to better understand the techniques~

This class was very refreshing for many of those who have attended the PinkRoom Acrylic Extensions class a long time ago. It help us to "update" our skills and kick bad habits we picked up along the way~


Additional tips from Master Educator Joe... making sure that we fully understand.  Principal Rachel Tang also gave additional tips & translation in Chinese for the benefits of our students.


Nail Demo by Lysa~~ It was a great to watch Lysa in action! 


More hands on & corrections by Lysa~ 


More fun time class photos before the start the hands-on session on Day 1~


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