Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Student's Study-Log @PinkRoom: I LOVE MY CLASSMATES!

A Student's Study-Log @PinkRoom - Ivy [SIN11-xx9J].
Student since October 2011.

A lovely entry that brightened up our morning! It's our school's objective to create each's PINKROOM.LEARNING EXPERIENCE a memorable one. It is so heart-warming to see class after classes of PRINAgals became great friends with their classmates and teachers! It made both the teaching & learning journey so much more fun! 

Saturday, 28 July 2012


This post is dedicated to all my lovely classmates in PINKROOM
i remembered that i had butterflies in my tummy before e first day of class. 
It was like a kid going to school. 
Worrisome thoughts of.. "assignment, homework, will i make any new friends, will i be able to cope both studies and work.." all these running thru my mind for days before school start. 
I had encouragement from my love ones around me to pursue for my dream, and of coz some pour cold water too. 
Big Bucket of ice cold~~ water

Telling myself; i can only live once, so i should just go for it ! 
 1 life live it !
Since my hubby going for a 6 month overseas course, this is also a good time for me to take up some enrichment course. 
The first thing come to my mind is NAIL ART COURSE!
Since i have been fooling around with nail lacquers for some time. Maybe its time for me to know them more deeply, and professionally.
So here i am, a proud student of PINKROOM

Other than e great learning journey, e next best thing is 
my awesome classmates!

Within a few lessons, we bonded and become real close. 
We had WhatsApp group chat, which we share everything under e sun. 
Buffet promotion, sales in town, overseas trips, grumble about work, complaining on husband/spouse and even our love stories and our daily activities updates...  
Yes. It causes our handphones to be low batt, and need to be charged frequently
Some complaining we flooding e chatroom but still...
they are reading it happily like daily newsfeed.
One of e classmate does not have a local data mobile phone plan. 
Poor gal, she only can greet us "Good Morning" and left for work, and read our chat like a bedtime story at night. Once, she faces a record of over a thousand massage within e day. Wahahahha.. 
In e end, her darling got her a data plan 

We always look forward to Tuesday and Thursday! Because we having classes!
Monday BLUE
HaPpY Tuesday
B.O.R.I.N.G Wednesday
HaPpY Thursday

Our class is really happening!
Within a small group of 12 of us, we have quite some common friends. Interested and funny. It seems like we are fated to meet, or maybe singapore was too small?

Our first gathering !!
@ ikoi !
Full attendance! 
*argh... bit poor lighting =(

Last week we had a BBQ at one of the classmate's new condo. This time, we invited our school teachers and principle! So glad that they are able to attend after their class ended. 
Some pictures of our fun times to share

 Long Dreamy infinity pool

 Cute host with pretty chefs

Beautiful Sunset

We had a lotta fun time doing e 3连拍(continuous shoot)

The only regret i had after i took e course - why i did not join earlier! 
e nail art field is so much competitive now, and salon are all fighting with price war. How can my mini home salon survive 
Well, i already took my first step, and halfway there. I will not give up! regardless i can earn back my course fee anot, 
i have no regret.
because i found my naily soul mates here
love you gals

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